Private Practice Premiere Reaction: Now What?

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SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you have not yet watched last night's Private Practice Season 6 premiere.

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On an episode aptly titled "Aftershock," our favorite physicians were stunned to learn that Tim Daly's Pete did not jump bail. He died of a heart attack.

How will this major development affect everyone at Seaside Wellness going forward? TV Guide spoke with the cast and offered up the following tidbits and spoilers from each character's point of view:

Coop will be there for Charlotte, teased Paul Adelstein: "Especially in the first couple of episodes you see the intensity of that relationship, the intensity of her need with Lucas and her existential worry about what's going to happen, if something happens to her or Lucas, she's obviously rocked."

Charlotte will experience guilt, says KaDee Strickland: "She takes it really hard. There is an element of this that inherently feels like it's somehow her fault. He was there so much for her. He was her knight in shining armor when she was raped."

According to Caterina Scorsone, Amelia will take charge in a way: "Because Amelia has been through so much death and so much grieving, she's a bit of an authority in how it feels, and so she is trying to make sure Violet has as much support as she possibly can, so Amelia takes on that responsibility."

What did you think of Pete's death and the way the Private Practice premiere was structured overall?


@murphysgal caterine scorsone was pregnant...thats why amelias preganancy was wrote in


Seriously I am SO tired of this show. I loved it at the start but it's just so boring now. I don't believe A & J even though I wanted that to happen. And Sam is super hot but not with a beard. Ick. Not thrilled how Pete was dealt with but since he left the show they couldn't film anything. Violet is my least favorite character and now of course we'll have to listen to her for a few episodes. Super happy about the Charlotte/Cooper storyline. It's my fave right now. What happened to Amelia? She seems a little more plump than usual. Is there happy news for her in real life? Is she preggers?? If not they should have given the girl better lighting and make up.


Chris1215tine - Justina Machado is the actress playing the surgical nurse. She played Vanessa on Six Feet Under and was on Grey's Anatomy as the young mother that needed a mastectomy - Bailey's patient right after Denny died. Looks like Coope & Charlotte will need a new house with 3 babies on the way. Was there a trial for Pete? Did he take a plea bargain? OK episode to start the season and get caught up. Only thing is I don't get Addison being all giggly and goofy over Jake. I mean come on she was married to Derek and involved with Mark and Sam - not buying it.


Violet should be very worried about what would happen to Lucas if something happened to her. Look at what happened to Dell's daughter. No one took her in.


I give it till episode 7 for Violet to move on.


Wow. A storyline for each character. Some more interesting then others. Three possible babies for C&C, so happy for them! Pete's death will hopefully be better seen/ presented in the next episode. V&L will be fine. Addison / Jake, just don't see it. Actually boring and fake, but it is what it is. Sam is still hot! Not sure about the random hook up with the nurse, was a little odd? I know one thing, Addison and Sam still love each other and will end the season together! I hope I can keep watching to see all of the storylines play out, but otherwise not impressed with the Season 6 premier.


I was kind of shocked. I don't think they gave his death what it deserved. They barley spent any time didn't show any scenes. Maybe it will unfold more in the next episode?


i will miss pete, but this will hopefully give for a lot of good storylines


"Coop will be there for Charlotte", I think you guys meant "Coop will be there for Violet".


pp and grey's needs to stop with al the death just send the people who quit on an extended vacation lets see all the people you have killed... Lexie, Pete, charles and reed, dell, george, amelias baby compared to who they sent away naomi, burke, izzie, is that it?

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