Revolution Review: Patching Up the Plot

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Revolution attempted to smooth out its narrative potholes in "Chained Heat," but did the new NBC drama succeed?

For me, it’s a simple yes. But judging by some of your comments following the Revolution premiere, the sell could be much more difficult.

A key aspect of the series is why the technology is or isn’t working. Aaron’s theory that the switching off event might be due to something man-made is easier to stomach than some unknown Earthy phenomena. Because it pushes the super special flash drives into the realm of being things that fix the event, as we’ve seen with Grace, and since Ben knew it was going to happen, this makes Monroe’s actions against Matheson’s that much believable.

Chained Heat Scene

The second big reveal that began framing the narrative is the reveal of just where Rachel is now. She’s basically the Belle to Monroe’s Beast, and Monroe is determined to use whatever means is necessary to learn what she knows about the event... even if it means using her family against her.

Monroe puts Rachel in a tough position because she may be forced to betray either side of family. Ben is dead and Danny is being brought in. If she says what she knows, she potentially betrays her dead husband’s memory; and if she doesn’t say anything, she could betray her son. The one thing Monroe isn’t accounting for is Miles, and without the aid of technology, word doesn’t exactly travel quickly anymore.

The other side of episode two wasn’t quite as interesting. Charlie is still a mostly one-dimensional character. As a result, her pleas to Miles or her personal hardships don’t exactly deliver any emotional payoffs, which is a problem for a drama that plays up its family aspects. Charlie’s ease at switching off her fear of killing someone in about twenty minutes flat was hard to believe at times.

Mainly because that plot point is far too soon. Featuring the parallels between Charlie and Rachel are great. They want to protect their families. That’s not the problem. The problem is that we still know about next to nothing about them, and until we have those gaps in character investment filled, there’s not really any need to focus on those types of challenges so early in the show's run.

I certainly didn’t say Revolution smoothed out all of its narrative potholes.

The rebel plot line with Nora is interesting because of who they are. They’re patriots, they want to restore the U.S. government to power. The series has a very colonial feel to it, making it kind of cool to think the rebels want to break free from a power to start lives over again.

Other Thoughts

  • I’d like to replace Nate’s name with one of the annoying tributes from The Hunger Games. Suggestions?
  • Miles in captivity lasted a long time.
  • Nate and Charlie are quickly becoming an insufferable Twilight couple. Here’s hoping he stays handcuffed to the sign.
  • I’m really wishing Nora had a paperclip to assemble that homemade gun.
  • The creepy, sweaty, businessman should know that you don’t get between a mother bear and her cubs.
  • For holding the key to unlock the world again Grace sure has terrible locks.
  • How many damn flash drives are out there?


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First of all, I must say that the plot really got me going. The idea that the technology might be turned off forever is really new among all those new tv shows. Now only that, but it's not to do with anything extraterrestial things or any magic. From the second episode, it seems that it was the humans that shut it off. Secondly, about those flash drives, we are probably going to see a lot of them. I do hope that they won't use those flash drives to resolve anything that doesn't make sense. As for Charlie, she is a one dimension character. I liked how she trapped Nate, but the rest of her personnalities are mixed up. She doesn't make sense. In the end, I think I'll keep following this show for another one or two episodes to really give it a chance.

Eludium q36

Just want to note that I pretty much agree with everyone here, I wanted this show to work, I'm watching despite my better sense, but it's just begging to be cancelled, it's treading the same path as Terra Nova, and I tossed that show after two eps. My advice, and this is what I'm doing now, is to only watch the final two eps of this first season (if it's not cancelled first). That way you skip all the slow-reveals and get the major reveals and hooks for the not-so-likely second season.


Oh, Miles could also be Nate's Dad. Heseems conflicted about Charlie, more than just a pretty girl.


I think Nate is Monroe's son, he's milita but seems to follow no orders, is his mom Charlie's mom or the woman he was trying to call 15 yrs ago. I think the writers are setting up great possibilities and I'll watch them unfold.

Mrs cleaver

Wow!! Really glad to know that 15 years after the power goes out we still have great teeth AND clean, attractive clothes. Oh and razor blades, since most of the men seem so clean shaven.
This is the best the writers can do? Charlie grew up in this brutal world and is against killing people who deserve it? And what's with Nate - one look and he's in love, against all orders? I agree with the reviewer, hope he's still chained to that sign.
And SO GLAD the General has been so patient these 15 years with Charlie's mom, never asking her "what's up" till now. Really?
I caught this show OnDemand to see what it was like and it's a dog.


Following the enormous popular and critical success of Space Family Robinson what tv has been crying out for for decades is another really great scifi family drama. Sure Terra Nova, Falling Skies and V were all brilliant in their own way but Revolution trumps them all. The lights went out. They're not going back on this Xmas for this turkey


of questions. It took years to get to where they are now, so what happened to those in charge in the first crucial days? It's like there was absolutely no plan in place for disaster which makes no sense. And only a select few who seem to be able to put everything back. I also didn't like the son. Like a kid with a gun up against a group of 'soldiers' with lots of guns is going to stop them from taking his father?? So he gets him killed along with a bunch of other people and gets taken himself - and of yes, he has asthma! Real smart move. Did intelligence get turned off as well? I will watch another epis but if it doesn't improve, I will not watch it again.


I am not thrilled so far with the show. I was especially eager to see it since Eric Kripke is involved and he gave us SUPERNATURAL my favorite show and it is going into its 8 season. However, I too cannot stand the actress who plays Charlie and the way she is depicting her (I know the director does that) but it is true that although electricity plays a pivotal role in our lives now, the human race did survive centuries w/o it. These pendents which certain people have that can turn the lights back on, do not make sense to me. Who is responsible for what happened? Obviously it was planned and it was also planned to be able to get it up and running again. It was said that it was because the world was about to go nuclear and destroy itself. Well, look what has happened 15 years later - no medicine, no life saving machines for people who need them, planes that fell out of the sky causing untold death and a militia now running the show! What happened to all the governments? A lot of questions. It took years to get to where they are now, so what happened to those in charge in the first crucial days? It's like there was absolutely no plan in place for disaster which makes no sense.


One of the most overhyped shows ever! As Charles Barkley would say...this show is TURRIBLE! I watched the pilot episode last week, was seriously disappointed. Thought I'd give the show another shot. By the first advertisement into episode 2 I was officially done...turned the channel! Where to begin?!?
I'm not going to waste much more of my time on this crapper of a show, but one thing just really annoys me. Uncle Miles! They portray him as if he's some super a hero you'd find in a video game. Just so ridiculous...not "belivable" at all!
But I would like to thank NBC for GRIMM...just please don't screw it up numbnuts!


Mediocre episode at best. Still can't over how clean their clothes are. I mean if the show wants us to believe that electricity was a VERY important aspect in our life before it went out I would've expected more Walking Dead-ish get-ups not brand new boots and shiny leather jackets! Also, Charlie as the Katniss-like character in this show would be destructive if she does not improve. That actress needs to work more. And now who the fudge is Randall? And how do they communicate with those flash drives do they still have functioning wifi? Is there a satellite functioning somewhere in space? Here's hoping most of my questions get answered next week!

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