Wednesdays 8:00 PM on NBC
"Austin City LImits"

Miles and Monroe head to Austin to sabotage the Patriots on Revolution.

"Why We Fight"

Monroe issues a surprise attack against the Patriots while Gene and Miles search for allies in Willoughby on Revolution.

"Exposition Boulevard"

Miles and Rachel argue over what lengths they should go when fighting the Patriots on Revolution.


Aaron wakes up in a world where there is power and he's married to Priscilla, until familiar faces begin to appear on Revolution.

"Fear and Loathing"

Miles questions Neville and Jason's intentions while Aaron clashes with Priscilla over the nano code on Revolution.

"Happy Endings"

Rachel and Miles watch over Willoughby while Charlie, Connor, and Monroe take on a risky mission on Revolution.

"Captain Trips"

Monroe and Miles must work together to save Willoughby.

"Mis Dos Padres"

Jason is unhappy about Neville and Julia's relationship while Monroe must face a decision about his son on Revolution.

"Three Amigos"

Charlie and Gene search for Aaron as Miles, Monroe and Rachel head south of the border as Revolution returns from its winter hiatus.

"Everyone Says I Love You"

Things between Rachel and Gene continued to be strained while Neville shows Jason how determined he is on Revolution.