Royal Pains Wedding Special: Coming in December!

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Royal Pains fans, you are cordially invited to a very special two-hour episode of this USA Network hit.

Airing in December, the installment will be based around Evan and Paige's wedding, while also featuring the return of Jill Flint as Jill Casey.

Look for a few flashbacks to the Lawson siblings' lives before they moved to the Hamptons, including an appearance by Emma Caulfield as Hank's ex, and for a snowstorm to be bearing down on Evan's big day.

Check out our Royal Pains season finale review and then watch the following preview:

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I want Divya to end up with Jeremiah, because he is a sweetheart, and she deserves someone who would treat her like royalty. I liked Hank and Jill, but I also liked this doctor chick. I hope he can recover from not going to meet her family. Also CANNOT believe that Demitri blew up the place . I hope that miraculously Borris didnt die.


Agree with @Nancy..
i think the writers being stuck about wht to do to jill character. i meant not just jill. there's much more at season 3 storyline tht kinda a bit off..
come on writers be creative!


Not everyone is as sick of Jill as you are. I love her and I hope they bring her back for good. It was the writers who made her waffle. She just does what the writers tell her to do. don't blame her for it.


I am sick of Jill! Why does she just stay away! In and out in and out. I don't like her for Hank find him Someone else.
And let's get something rolling for Divia. Would like to see more of her parents.
Love the program. And please find someone for that dr who is so infatuated with Divia.