Scandal Season 2 Premiere: 8 Teasers!

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Having just enjoyed an early viewing of the Scandal Season 2 premiere, I have two words for you: TOTALLY AWESOME.

The political drama from Shonda Rhimes is nearly back, offering up an episode on September 27 that is just as juicy as any from its first season. How so?

Here are some teasers from what you can expect from "White Hats Off." Consider yourself very much spoiler warned...

Scandal Season 2 Premiere Pic
  • Who IS Quinn Perkins? We won't be kept waiting with the answer to that question. While none of us got it exactly right in the season finale Round Table, a couple of us were close... ish.
  • Melly Grant, the First Lady? How about "Melly Grant, the Great Manipulator."
  • Get ready for more verbal sparring between the two White Hats: Joshua Malina has been promoted to regular so we'll be seeing more of U.S. District Attorney David Rosen.
  • Speaking of David Rosen, he and Olivia are the very definition of "Frenemy," with an emphasis on "enemy."
  • We'll get an explanation for Stephen's (Henry Ian Cusick) exit, which I know fans will appreciate. He didn't just disappear.
  • A politician who can't keep his pants on. The show is set in D.C., right?
  • What would Scandal be without tension between Olivia Pope and the President she loves but can't have? Expect at least a little of that sprinkled into the season.
  • You'll never see the last scene coming. So many questions will be raised in those closing moments. When your jaw hits the floor, be sure to pick it up, okay? After all, we need to meet back here to discuss the episode the night it airs.

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LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say obessed with the show, I literally watch the episodes over and over just to be sure I didnt miss anything. And I lover the Olivia Pope and President affair/love hate relationship it makes for great TV keep it coming ABC.


Awesome,I can't wait


Miranda I want to say Thank You. You are the only writer who have written this line, "Olivia Pope and the President she loves but can't have" everyone always says how President love Olivia and he does but there are times I want to hear that Olivia loves My President Fitzgerald Grant also. Thanks can't wait for Scandal2.


This is the best show on Television. Finally a fast paced, thought-provoking and incredible story. Accolades to everyone involved in producing and acting in this show. Way to go ABC! I just hope it continues for ages to come!


Cannot wait!!!!


Way to tease us Miranda! You mentioned that none of the Round Table panelists got Quinn's identity exactly right (but came close). However, did any of the readers get it right in the comments section? I promise, we won't tell........


My jaw was on the floor for all the episodes last season! What's one more time! CANNOT WAIT!


God IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!


Don't tease me like that its cruel

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