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Scandal Season 2

"White Hat's Back On"

On Scandal, the latest White House crisis pushes Cyrus to the edge while Olivia and the team work to find Billy Chambers.

"Any Questions?"

Cyrus is in the eye of the storm on this episode of Scandal, as the White House faces its biggest problem yet.

"A Woman Scorned"

Mellie issues an ultimatum on this episode of Scandal, while Fitz orders Jake to protect Olivia.

"Seven Fifty-Two"

Jasika Nicole guest stars on this episode of Scandal, which focuses on Huck and his life before meeting Olivia.

"Molly, You in Danger, Girl"

Details from an old case don't make sense on Scandal this week. The team must consider whether or not a mistake was made.

"Snake in the Garden"

Hollis Doyle's daughter is kidnapped on this episode of Scandal. Despite their mutual dislike, Pope and Associates assists on the case.

"Top of the Hour"

Olivia is stuck in the middle of a media storm this week on Scandal, actually opposing the Oval Office for a change.

"Boom Goes the Dynamite"

Secrets are revealed about Captain Jake Ballard. Mellie and Cyrus jockey for position by Fitz' side.

"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"

Fitz struggles with who to trust on this episode of Scandal. Scott Foley guest stars as a new man in Olivia's life.

"Nobody Likes Babies"

The fates of Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie, Verna, and Hollis all hang in the balance on Scandal.

"Truth or Consequences"

The team discovers the truth about the rigged Presidential election. Where will Scandal go from here?

"A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar"

On Scandal, Fitz returns to the White House in a fashion that parallels his campaign.

"One for the Dog"

Huck is held under the Patriot Act on this episode of Scandal. Olivia helps Mellie get out of a compromising situation.

"Blown Away"

On Scandal, someone on Olivia's staff must deal with a betrayal while Olivia helps the Vice President. Cyrus discovers the truth about James' weekend away.

"Happy Birthday, Mr. President"

Olivia returns as Press Secretary on this episode of Scandal. There's a major crisis for her to handle, after all.


Harrison leads the team in the case of a billionaire who may be mentally incompetent while Olivia helps Edison. Mellie and Cyrus plan Fitz's 50th birthday party on Scandal.

"Spies Like Us"

On Scandal, an anonymous letter warns that Huck's past may become public and Cyrus and Fitz must handle to repercussions of James' front page story.

"All Roads Lead to Fitz"

Olivia and her team are asked to help a governor and his wife on this episode of Scandal. Secrets are revealed about the Cytron bombing.

"Beltway Unbuckled"

On Scandal, Mellie steps into the political arena and David gets a step closer to unraveling the mystery behind losing his case.

"Hunting Season"

On Scandal, Olivia is caught off guard when she learns that the case she's landed goes all the way to the top.

"The Other Woman"

On Scandal, Olivia must deal with the lingering consequences of a surprising judicial verdict. Cyrus and Fitz deal with a crisis of foreign policy.

"White Hat's Off"

Quinn Perkins' identity is revealed on the Scandal Season 2 premiere. A senator seeks assistance from Olivia.

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