The CW to Develop Wonder Woman Script

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About a year after NBC chose not to pursue an Adrianne Palicki-based Wonder Woman series with David E. Kelley, the classic comic book character may be resurrected for the small screen after all.

By The CW.

As first reported by Vulture, the network is developing a pilot that would be penned Allan Heinberg (Grey's Anatomy, The O.C.) under the working title Amazon. Similar to Smallville/Superman, it would focus on Wonder Woman as a teenager/young adult, following her evolution in to the superhero we all know today.

Wonder Woman

It's important to note:

No pilot production has been approved or even contractually promised. The CW is merely considering a script and the entire process is in the VERY early stages.

Still, it's impossible not to speculate. Who - aside from Phoebe Tonkin, of course - should be cast as Wonder Woman if this project moves forward?

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phoebe would do great i love shes amazing actress!


Who would be perfect? ME. currently working with my manager and a Warner Brother casting agent who is "up to snuff" with the overall process. Keeping my eye on the prize. Let me know if you think I could portray this amazing character. facebook page; megan frai


OK, confused here! The CW cancelled Secret Circle because there weren't enough good looking guys on it. Do they realize Amazons are ALL female?


See what hard about WW is she only has ONE bad girl the checcth all her other bad guys are not very good


Yes !! I would love to see Phoebe's ass in Wonder Woman tights ;)

Spindae 2o

i think Shelley wouldbe a better choice than Phoebe but I don't mind.


Phoebe Tonkin all the way. I hope that The CW takes notice! She already has (from what I can tell as a viewer) a great relationship with them!


No me gusta...
CW leave Wonder Woman the hell alone.


Agreed! She would be so perfect for the role! However, as this is only in early stages, I'm just happy to have her in the Vampire Diaries!


Understood that it is VERY early, but Phoebe Tonkin would be FANTASTIC