Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman: First Photo!

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NBC has released, via EW, the first photo of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Diana Prince, the titular character of the classic series being rebooted this fall.

2011's Wonder Woman is being remade by famed writer David E. Kelley, who incorporates the superhero’s signature lasso, cuffs, and plane in the coming NBC pilot.

Here's the inaugural image of Adrianne as Wonder Woman:

Adrianne Palicki is Wonder Woman

The network promises that the much-hyped project, if picked up and given a full order for next fall, will offer a serious, non-campy take on the DC Comics character.

Think it will happen? Or that the current ensemble can do it justice?

Along with Palicki, Elizabeth Hurley and Cary Elwes have joined the cast. What do you think of the picture above? Is the FNL alum an appropriate choice for WW?

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Holy Wonder SLOP! NBC alters the outfit after the above disaster now only making this tart look even more horrid then she already did. Step a side and let Lynda Carter help you morons out. Have you all seen her lately? She is impeccable now as she was in the 1970's. Now this current gal doesn't need to look as good as Lynda but she should AT LEAST look like Wonder Woman. Frankly when I look at Adrianne in this rechid outfit or the second version I would rather sit and watch a box of dog biscuits over this f'ing FAILED NBC TV show. You all are IDIOTS for destroying Wonder Woman!!!


Squeak squeak squeak. Not sure that sound instills fear in a super villain. Remember her outfit was like armor the armor was made by a Greek God and not a adult super store. Wonder Woman came off as sexy because she was tall, strong, and had an innocence about her. The old costume was inspired by the comic book back then, I mean come on, do you think that Captain Marvel would wear what he did in the 70's series of Shazam today? Come on Hollywood, we can do better! It doesn't have to be a bathing suit, but there have been fan designs that were 100 times better.


Okay so considering the other comments, I'm not the only one who noticed the pants. Wonder Woman never wore pants...not the Justice League version anyway. Though the Justice Lords' Wonder Woman was wearing pants and it wasn't blue. And I thought her boots were red and silver. Are they going for conservative? Because it's translating as inaccurate. And she's pretty. Not my first choice for the role since I don't know her and I'm not familliar with her work. She has a naughty vibe on her which is not really Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is trustworthy with a moral compass pointing due north. So I'm not sure if she's the girl for the role. Though I'm excited to see the guy they cast for Steve Trevor. So I hate the costume, it looks to shiny. Very Halloween. Even Lynda Carter had a better look and costume.


Well I think she looks Hot!!!


I think that they should use the material similar to what was used in fantastic four... I agree with the person who said that this looks like a halloween costume... Not a very high end one at that... It translates into her facial expression... Maybe she will loose that plumpiness when they start shooting...


I'd have to agree with a previous poster who said her face is too round. Wonder Woman should have a more matured look and less of a rounded face. Less round chin and more prominent cheek bones.


They say the new series will be a non-campy take on the original, but yet her outfit is on par with a Halloween costume.
And I can't help but compare her looks to Lynda Carter's, and I have to say that I think Lynda's face is more ideal for Wonder Woman. So, I don't know. I'll just have to see how this series goes.


hey you bones head have yo heard of copy right infrengment they have to change it a bit just the like smallville episodes dose everything have to be exact like comic book? you geeks need to get real and le the flow of the show whats up and just go with it. if they copy everything from the ccomics then WW would be in the 40's or 50's during WW2 then you tell me how wouold that be a good thing. it current times with current people spice it up a bit and yeah the pants suck, but we all cant a 6+ foot woman that is fine any more.


i love it