The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 128

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Sorry, Stefan, but it's true. Blake Lively is now spoken for.

For our latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, reader "Obvious" cracked us up the most by combining a real life (stunning!) event with life in Mystic Falls, as Stefan reacts below to the unexpected news regarding Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Check out the winning entry now and put on your thinking cap for the next edition. We post a new photo every Friday!


Stefan: Shut up! I refuse to believe Blake lively married Ryan Reynolds!

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Stefan: Shh, I know how cute the squirrels are…but you don’t want to go to bed hungry, do you?


Stefan: Call me Edward one - more - time...


Stefan: OK that's it your one sided discussion of why David Tennant is the best Doctor ever is over, anyway I prefer Classic Dr Who, so its always going to be Tom Baker, so shut it.


stefan: what have i told you about biting that lip elena ? im going to go fifty shades of vamp on you know


Stefan: Shh!Listen...I think they are playing my favourite The Fray song in the background.


Stefan: Damn it girl!The word Spoilerphobe doesnt mean anything to you?


Stefan: Fique quietinha, é para o seu próprio bem.


Stefan: I said no more Justin Bieber songs!


Stefan: Shut up, I refuse to believe Blake lively married Ryan Reynolds!


Stefan: don't worry Elena, Delena fans can't get you here

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