The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 131

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The latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest has come to an end.

We thank everyone who submitted an entry and had something to say about Stefan standing alongside a Confederate soldier - but you know the rules. There can be just one winner.

And that honor falls to reader "DamonLurve" this week. Read his/her submission underneath the following photo and remember to come back and participate every single week!

Season 2 Caption Pic

Stefan: Been there, done that, switched to leather jackets forever.

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Solider (thinking) I wanna hold Paul's hand so bad!


Solider: It's really windy today, and that's why i wore a hat!
Stefan: (thinking) Well he is obviously using the wrong hair gel.


Soldier (thinking): I'm so stealing Stefan's spotlight scene!!!


Soldier: c'mon take a picture of me and Paul Wesley before he notice it!


Soldier: There's a vampire standing behind me...isn't there?


Stefan:*thinking* Dude!you look like the last pick in the confederacy.


Stefan:*thinking* Damon's gotta see this guy,he's gonna get a kick out of it!


Stefan: I think you're in the wrong time mate, try going back to 1864.


Paul (thinking): why I can never be the funny guy? My character is such a dark whimp and serious wreck!


Stefan: I think i'm on the wrong set

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