The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Premiere Pics: Blood, Bars & Betrayals

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The CW has unveiled a giant set of photos from The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere. And what stands out about these early peeks at the October 11 opener, "Growing Pains?"

BLOOD. What is it in Bonnie's lips? And all over Rebekah's shirt?

BARS. Why is Elena behind them?

BETRAYALS. It's rather clear, from the first pair of images posted below, that Caroline quickly learns about Klaus' little body switch... at a most awkward, steamy moment!

Click through the pictures now and let the countdown begin for "Growing Pains." Less than one month, TV Fanatics!

Caroline And...?
It's Klaus!
Stefan in a Panic
Bonnie and Bars
Elena Behind Bars
A Concerned Stefan
Bloody Rebekah
Being a Witch
Serious Bonnie
Bonnie in Blood
Bonnie vs. Jeremy
She Knows!
Bonnie, Wake Up!

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David and sabrina 2014

Looks like things are going to get crazy and insane in the startup of season 4 and I can't wait for its arrival. =) =O


I just can't wait; I hope Elena has a smooth transition into VampWorld, and that her and Stefan rekindle their love in the most Epic of love scenes we have ever seen on TV-VD. Quote: “Marketing knows better than to deny the fan base its most popular male regular character. They haven’t, Stefan is in every promo scene, and I just love Marketing for that.
“StefLena Always and Forever�


I so agree with you @ vampbarbie.
Season 1 & 2 were amazing.
The second half of season 3 just wasn't as good as the previous seasons.
I hope season 4 will be better.


I'm a Klaroline shipper and I can't wait for the premiere. I want to know how will Caroline react to the Klaus/Tyler body switching thing. I want a steamy confrontation when Klaus gets his body back.


Can't wait. I am seriously so excited.
I will miss Alaric though :(


@tania when i saw the first photo of elena being locked up i thought that as well but why should stefan be like that as well? can´t wait to know the reason, klaroline all the way and I´m pretty sure damon isn´t in the pics because they don´t want to give too much of the story away yet.


Awkward? Steamy? How about creepy and sick! Lol I remember watching season 1 and seeing so much promise and now I can't believe what this show has become.


I'm also a Klaroline shipper as well. I can't wait to see the season 4 premiere


I feel like the only klaroline shipper here but I don't care. my hopes on klaroline in S4 are very high!!! can't wait for the scene in the woods. :)


I think that Elena has asked to be put behind bars because Bonnie has told her there might be a way to reverse the transition, so she does not want to feed. That's why in all the promos, she says she's dying, and clearly either Bonnie hasn't found a way yet.

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Where ever you go, Salvatore Brothers seem to follow.

Pastor Young

We all know the way. You feed or you die, there is no door #3.