The Vampire Diaries Season Premiere Pic: Oh, Jesus!

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Say your prayers, Vampire Diaries fans, because it looks like something crazy is about to go down on the Season 4 premiere.

In church!

The following photo is courtesy of Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Preview - on newsstands Friday - and it depicts a chaotic situation in an unexpected place, as Stefan, Elena, Matt and fellow Mystic Falls residents around them react in shock and panic over...

... who know what?!?

Scared in Church

We'll find out when The Vampire Diaries Season 4 kicks off on October 11.

For now, let the theories regarding the above photo fly and go re-watch new footage from the recently-released TVD promo for fall episodes ahead. I've already done so 27 times. That's normal, right?

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I see Stefan still sporting the Dylan Mckay hair lmao.


stefan looks great.. matt is alive... whoop whoop


Oh, ok, well, whatever, I just assumed that since the title of the article is TVD season premiere pic, it has to do with Ric...not some dude whom we have never even met, or any of the characters interacted with...


The first thing I wanted to see in S4 was Elena as a Vampire. Im glad shes a Vampire now. I just couldnt stand her character in S3 because it became somewhat degrading. Anyway, I could care less about the first couple of episodes of S4. Elena's gonna be sticking to her decision to be with Stefan, and on the other hand, Damon and Elena will keep on evolving just like they always do. Elena's relationships with both Stefan and Damon will open in a brand new way now that shes a Vampire. DE's relationship will open in a brand new way as those memories will return to Elena and affect her... I could care less about SE in S4 because I know its gonna end by the time 1st half of S4 ends (4x09 or 4x10 will mark the end of SE in the series), so I could care less. I just want my DE and Elena's character to become strong, powerful and intriguing ;)


I agree that Elena looks different....I'm guessing she hasn't decided to fed yet to complete the transition. Something crazy during the daylight hours happens of course probably someone who is suppose to be dead wakes up.


Elena looks weird.But wowsa!!Stefan looks wonderful!!!

Sarah silva

I can not wait!!!!!


I think it's pastor Young's funeral. That, or Alaric's. And if something bad happens at Alaric's funeral, hell if there is an Alaric funeral at all, I will C R Y all over again D:

Fruit salad

Um @Amie That's not Ric's funeral. Its Pastor Young's. Sob. I'd been getting my hopes up and all


Um @Amie That's not Ric's funeral. Its Pastor Young's.

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Pastor Young

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