True Blood Season 6 Scoop: What's Ahead?

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That was quite the way for Alan Ball to go out.

Following a Season 5 finale that transformed Bill into a supernatural being, squeezed out four faerie children for Andy and teased the impending introduction of Warlow, the True Blood showrunner has stepped aside. He won't be leading the writing team next summer.

But Ball will still be around, as evidenced by an interview he gave TV Guide in which he teased a number of developments to come on Season 6. To wit...

True Blood Finale Scene

Season 6 will only be comprised of 10 episodes.

Yes, Bill will be "really evil," with his upcoming story based around questions such as: Is he going to come up with his own master plan? What kind of battle will the humans wage against him?

We will meet Warlow, who may be someone with whom viewers are already familiar. Teases Ball: "There will also be some other characters maybe who we know and love who are pursuing a less than generous agenda."

Alcide may finish that bedroom session with Sookie after all, or at least may still hope to.

The presence of Andy's children will "complicate" things for him. The non-human kids may also age rapidly.

Read the full interview with Ball and then sound off: What are you most looking forward to on Season 6?

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I say Wtf 10 seasons not enough! If the shows actually ran for 1 full hour we may actually see something happen. I do love the show so keep it going. Last season drug out and was most interesting with Bill becoming a super vampire . Stay with that story line, bring back strong fairy powers for Sookie, & have her n Bill face off !!! True Blood Rules... Keep it that way.


As long as we get to see a lot of Pam and Tara, I'm fine with everything else happening :)


I'm excited to see Andy's beautiful girls with special powers growing up and doing fairy magic. Plus whos getting canned? I also want to know about Jason's babies with the cat people? He did get taken by all them cougar women.Lol! The show is why I keep HBO. I know I can't be the only 1. HBO has to be ranking in all that money. I hope the show keeps going♡


i freaking love true blood! i love lafayette and bill :)


If they are going to make Bill evil then they need to pay it off with him killing a major in a season 1 character. If there weren't a book series associated with it and if we weren't dealing with having to have enough men around for Sookie to rotate through, I'd think Alcide (spelling?) would be the perfect choice. He's an A-lister as far as Sookie-nookie is concerned but he really has no place in the show right now. Have Bill slaughter him and his pack and he's earned that evil title...with the added benefit of reducing the number of useless characters.


Alcide has a way bigger part in the books. I'm excited about it all.


how about none of the above. i cant be the only one who was glad they offed bill yet dissapointed that they 'ressurected' him into whatever the hell he is now?
terry vs the lost smoke monster was boring this season. next season he'l no doubt be a minor part in andys 'big storyline'!
alcide is already given practically nothing to do on the show so wouldnt really make a difference if he did sookie or not.
andy as a father - cant see it being funny beyond episode two as the fairys will of course grow up, run off and become strippers.
warlow - another pointless ghost monster! yay! -_-
jason as a vampire hunter - right cause he wouldnt get caught in his own vampire traps.


Some sites report that Ball will still write for the show, even though Ball clearly stated in his tvline interview that the creative team will have Mark Hudis as showrunner with the three original writers (Buckner, Tucker and Woo). I got the clear impression that Ball is at full work with Banshee and won't be involved much with this show anymore.


seriously HBO what happen? all of your show only got 10 eps now, I want to bill became more evil next season and please can next season be like this season, no romance for sookie!


Ball says 10 episodes is because Anna is due to give birth to her twins in November and they've moved production of season 6 to January.......he says that and ECONOMIC reasons are why there's only going to be 10.......... ECONOMIC?!?!?!! WTF!!!!! Your not going to tell me that show isn't making money!!!!!!!!!!

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