True Blood Review: Capture the Rapture

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Great Godric's ghost that was intense!

Like Maurella, tonight's True Blood season finale delivered - and then some. It was kill or be killed, as "Save Yourself" featured more bloodshed than all other episodes this season combined. In a summer fraught with story lines, Alan Ball's swan song did well to wrap up a number of issues while still leaving fans thirsting for more. 

After seeing how easily he fought off the Authority and disposed of the Fae Elder last week, many wondered who could stop Russell from draining every last member of Claude's family. In what was one of the best opening scenes I've witnessed, Eric left me speechless as he reduced Russell to a puddle of goo and settled an ancient debt.

After that scene, the feeling coursing through me was probably like the one Debbie Pelt must have felt the first time she tried V and, like her, I wanted more.

The New Bill

Eric seamlessly transitioned from vengeance to vaudeville as he kept his sister from draining everyone's favorite faerie food services employee. When he and Jason hilariously squabbled, it was Sookie's turn to shine as she told the two to stop acting like children and for Eric to ask Nora to stop looking at her thirstily. 

Some of the best moments of the night belonged to the show's actual sibling duo when Jason and Sookie argued over just what it is they should expect out of life. The bump Jason took to his head had him seeing visions of his parents, but it didn't seem to affect his aim at all. The scene in the elevator where he was gearing up for the all-out assault on the Authority while wearing those shooting glasses was just epic... as was his prowess with his sidearms as he took down one "vamper" after another.

While his aim was masterful, his command of the English language was still a little off target, as we were treated to a number of Stackhouse gems in this week's list of best True Blood quotes

While Jason and Eric battled for the body count award, when it came to pure impact the Trubie award for Best Delivery of the True Death had to go to Sam, who did his best Lilith impersonation, standing there naked and covered in Rosalyn's blood. Sadly, it looks like Luna sacrificed herself to save Emma. Alcide's father spoke about how the hardest part of being a parent is sheltering your children from just how messed up the world is. Well... Emma has seen at an early age just how ugly life can be, but she should draw strength from the knowledge that despite all the evil out there, love can still motivate people to do the most selfless and heroic things. 

There was a lot of discussion tonight about one's view of the world and our role in it.

In the final scene, Bill seemed to echo in a way what Jason was feeling. Bill was tired of always feeling guilty for what he had become. He was tired of feeling hurt inside. While Jason's remedy was to expect the worst life can offer instead of thinking it owed him something, for the first time in his vampire "life," Bill took what he felt he deserved, even if it meant deceiving and killing Salome in the process. Being that caring and sensitive vampire Sookie described has only brought him heartache, so I wasn't too shocked that he drank the blood in the end. Once he melted into that puddle of blood you just knew he wasn't through. But his resurrection was still very much a riveting moment, accentuated by the fear in Eric's eyes. 

While the culmination of the entire Lilith saga was a great and much anticipated pay off, there were so many little moments in tonight's finale that added to my high opinion of it. Scenes like Bill trying to catch Sam the fly, Rikki's crazy V talk to Alcide, Maurella chugging salt, Lafayette and the others' commentary during the delivery, Eric asking Jason to pull over "please" and Tara pointing out the slippery floor to Sookie thanks to the dead vampires Jason had just killed were the kind of moments that have always made this show so special.

So we didn't find out who Warlow was. Thankfully there's next season.  So long as the show doesn't lose its unique brand of humor though, I am more than willing to keep watching.

The big payoff moments like Russell's demise and Alcide taking back the pack are the icing on the cake that is made up of all the aforementioned ingredients that make this show so great. Ball's departure is a major development, but seeing the cast's chemistry and passion leaves me with little worry about its future.

What did you think of the finale and were you cheering with me when Tara freed her Maker and sealed it with a kiss?  


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i love this show...can't wait to see who Warlow is and tara was getting boring between being a boxer,a lesbian hope she found her true calling with Pam.They are two actress that can play off each other.


That was a greaat season finale! I'm so excited for Maurella to come back in Season 6. She's definitely going to be the new faerie elder now that the old one is no longer alive. She's the only one who can help sookie. So Excited!!


Ugh, Bill is so irrelevant. Why can't they just kill him instead of trying their best to make every storyline revolve around him? Alan Ball's stupid man-crush on Bill's character has just ruined True Blood. I was SO SO SO happy when he collapses into that puddle, only to get seriously pissed off a few seconds later. What bullshit.


I feel like this episode should have happened 6 episodes ago. And they should have left all the other bullshit out. This season was a snoozefest. They should have killed Russell in season 3. Didn't care about Terry. Authority was stupid and not scary. Eric rocks. His "sister" needs to go away. Sookie is as annoying as ever. Bill is finally having a purpose in this show. Saw him stealing Lilith's blood and giving Salome poisoned blood from a mile away. If it was that easy to kill her they should have done it 4 episodes ago. Sam is awesome. Alcide is, well, still part of the show I guess. Jason is rockin it. Tara and Pam is weird but saw that coming too. Jessica is also annoying and serves no purpose. Would have enjoyed her leaving and no Hoyt. Missin Hoyt already even though he got crazy this season. Andy having 4 kids could be interesting but probably not. I just want to know who the fuck Warlow is. And it should not have been so easy to take out the most powerful fairy. Seriously. Could have made it somewhat of a challenge. I think I'll just go back to the books.


@Daedra: "Am I the only one who is absolutely heartbroken over Bill?" Don't fret. Bill will be back. He'll just be a monster for a little while, create a bit of mayhem, get his butt kicked, and then he'll be Bill again.


Am I the only one who is absolutely heartbroken over Bill? I guess I'm very silly for falling in love with a fictional character, but I am so sad over what has happened to him. I guess I wanted a happy ending for both him and Sookie. On the other hand, I can appreciate the plot from a storytelling standpoint. The fact that the writers made me upset (but not to the point of quitting the show) means that they are doing their jobs. Still... Bill... :-(


Loved it, the whole finale was great. Is Andys new babies gonna be like Sookie since the mom is a fairy? Kudos also for playing "Save Yourself" from the band Stabbing Westward in the end title.


High praise: I only fast-forwarded through about 5 minutes of material (mostly the idiotic delivery scene).


When Tara rescued Pam and kissed her, I was seconds away from actually catcalling, effectively scaring my family :D Plus we got to see some of Pam's trademark sass, double with Tara's replies!! I think this could count as my best season finale in true blood!


Season 5 was intense, and the finale lived up to it's promos as the bloodiest, and the biggest cliff-hanger of the series.
Although I am sorely disappointed in the "incarnation" of Bill Compton into some bloody god-like entity, and hoping mightily that he is changed once again into the hot vampire I've loved since S1, I will say that Stephen Moyer's performance this season was just outstanding. Bill played Salome like a fiddle, and was calculating and ruthless, with the suave charm so natural for him. His speech to Sookie was heart breaking, as we were reminded of his difficult struggle throughout his vampire existence. I was not a fan of Maurella, but the audience at her delivery was great - so nice to see Jane Bodehouse again!
I like Tara as a vampire. She's strong and capable, but not screaming and crying. She and Pam seem to make a good couple.
Eric and Nora are also a great couple. They are a good match, in brains and in talent.
I feel awful for Jessica, to be treated so badly by her delusional maker, and then to be rejected by Jason - not a good time for her.
I don't know why the fairies are so lame, and I hope next season they show some strength, and Sookie is saved from Warlow. That will be interesting.

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True Blood Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Jason: Something funny fanger?
Eric: Yes blood bag.
Jason: Leach.
Eric: Breather.
Jason: Dead fu-k.
Eric: Meat sack.
Sookie: Stop acting like children.
Nora: You smell like something I once dreamed of.
Sookie: Eric please ask your sister to stop looking at me like that.

Nora: What is she?
Eric: She is a waitress.

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Stabbing westward save yourself Save Yourself Stabbing Westward iTunes
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