USA Network Status Updates: Common Law, Necessary Roughness, Fairly Legal

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From Burn Notice to Psych to White Collar, USA Network has an incredibly impressive resume of long-running hits.

According a recent Deadline report, however, a trio of recent offerings may not live to see another season.

Common Law Promotional Photo
Dani Visits the Field
Kate Worries

COMMON LAW, for starters, has likely nabbed its final suspect. USA has let allowed the options on its stars’ contracts run out and showrunner Craig Sweeny is now an executive producer on CBS’ Elementary.

FAIRLY LEGAL, which barely received a second season renewal, is also unlikely to return next summer.

The odds for a third season of NECESSARY ROUGHNESS, meanwhile, stand at "50/50" according to a network insider.

If all get the axe, which of these programs will you miss the most?

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I love Common Law and Necessary Roughness!! These are 2 great shows.. The deserve a second chance!


WHAT???? I LOVE THESE SHOWS!! Common Law is hilarious and unique! Those two guys are awesome! Love it! What about Ben and Kate on Fairly Legal? Come on now! Seriously. Great chemistry and fun storylines. AND Necessary Roughness? LOVE it. Hook-up between Danny and what his face, blonde guy, not a good connection but her and Niko...excellent! PLEASE bring back those shows. There is NOTHING better in the Summer and all three of these shows deserve a second season!


Fairly Legal ended with a great cliffhanger/ twist. I want more. Plus, I used to love "Life" and I can't stand for another Sarah Shahi show to get canned.
Common Law was fun - what could they have waiting in the wings that's better?


I loved Common Law! Please give it one more season. It was well written, staged and shot so well. The characters were nicely defined and believable. Not to mention cute. Even NCIS needed a second season. Please reconsider, and bring it back. Viewers will increase and revenues will grow.


please don't cancel "Necessary Roughness" or "Fairly Legal" I really love both those shows if both were canceled. I was hoping that USA network would be a network that gives all shows a fighting chance. Please please reconsider canceling either of those shows.


PLEASE bring back Fairly Legal---LOVED season two. It had a lot better storyline and more interesting character interaction and development than in the first season. It was really excellent the whole Second season. PLEASE GIVE FAIRLY LEGAL A THIRD SEASON!


Please bring back Fairly Legal!!!!


I can't believe Common Law is over-give it one more season, and you'd be surprised at what patience (and common sense) will do. Do you know they wanted to cancel Jerry Seinfeld after 1 season because the ratings weren't terrific. Thing about it-everyone seems to want a "quick hit" without being mature and reasonable enough to want to wait and see how you accrue an audience and build committed viewers. Please rethink this, you will not be sorry-I think you'll have an amazing long running hilarious/thoughtful show for both young and old to enjoy together.


i like fairly legal... im hoping for 2nd season


I love all three. I find it hard to believe they are doing that poorly. Love the new addition of Ben to Fairly Legal, would love at least one more season. Want to see if Lauren goes down a dark path for her new love? Common Law is great!! Love the banter between the two characters. Maybe they should try different time slots. Start showing at 7:00. Always hated they those two shows were on Fridays. Come on! One more season of all three to at least wrap up storylines!!!!