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Travis and Wes reveal why they were sent to couples therapy in the first place. But is it enough to get them back in Dr. Ryan's good graces? Read our review of the Common Law season finale to find out!
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Wes and Travis delve into Dr. Ryan's personal life. Did the expedition yield unintended consequences? Read this week's Common Law review for the answer!
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Wes and Travis attempted to solve a case and live together at the same time. Was either task achieved to their benefit, or did it all fall apart? Read this week's review of Common Law now!
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Common Law stars Michael Ealy and Warren Kole as two successful detectives. But when bickering between the partners threatens to derail their job performance, they get sent to couple's counseling.

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If he takes care of you the way he takes care of that car, then you're one lucky lady.

Mechanic [about Wes]

Travis: We hate people who don't help people when they ask for directions.
Wes: We also hate gun runners.