USA Network Status Updates: Common Law, Necessary Roughness, Fairly Legal

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From Burn Notice to Psych to White Collar, USA Network has an incredibly impressive resume of long-running hits.

According a recent Deadline report, however, a trio of recent offerings may not live to see another season.

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Dani Visits the Field
Kate Worries

COMMON LAW, for starters, has likely nabbed its final suspect. USA has let allowed the options on its stars’ contracts run out and showrunner Craig Sweeny is now an executive producer on CBS’ Elementary.

FAIRLY LEGAL, which barely received a second season renewal, is also unlikely to return next summer.

The odds for a third season of NECESSARY ROUGHNESS, meanwhile, stand at "50/50" according to a network insider.

If all get the axe, which of these programs will you miss the most?

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i like all three shows necessaary roughness is my favorite and it would miss it the most. i especially love callie thorn/marc blucas and mechad brooks. in fact i think mechad brooks should be recognized for his excellent performance in season2


continuing my other post: ...Ben is a really engaging character, a great foil for Kate & Lauren, so much so that the focus & cast could be read more as an ensemble, now - it's not so much 'Facing Kate' as 'Facing Reed, Reed & Grogan.' They're all formidable at what they do. I think facing any one or all of them would generate great story lines for years to come. I HOPE the network execs agree!


I'll miss Fairly Legal the most, hands down. But I don't believe for a second that the odds of renewal for FL are nearly bleak as Matt seems to think. I like Necessary Roughness, too, but it became extremely dark at the end of Season 2. That part was kind of a downer. Still, I'd like to see Season 3 of both programs because the lead characters of both shows have been left at really compelling turning points in their lives, and I REALLY want to see what happens next! Besides which, the writing & acting are REALLY good. On Necessary Roughness, the mysterious Nico has won me over, and TK cracks me up when he's being cheeky and makes me want to cry along with him when he's down. And then on Fairly Legal, there's this whole Ben & Kate thing. I dunno, I'm on the fence over whether it should turn into a relationship, or whether it'd be better for that mid-season kiss to remain an anomalous incident in an otherwise contentious business relationship. But Ben, oh, Ben is a WONDERFULLY engaging character--a great foil for Kate, and Lauren, too. To me, the show really isn't about 'Facing Kate' anymore--it's more of an ensemble. Facing anybody up to any one or all of the partners at Reed, Reed & Grogan would generate great story-lines for years to come. I sure HOPE the USA network execs agree!


PS: I also like Covert Affairs, Suits, and Royal Pains. . .


I really like Common Law and hope it's renewed. Necessary Roughness never appealed to me because of the lead's facial expressions; she's just not a very good actress in my opinion. As for Fairly Legal, I liked the first season--but what happened to the cast!? They brought in that new guy, who just can't quite pull it off.


I love COMMON LAW soooo much.And there r many fans just like me in China.


Necessary roughness is my favorite show!!! I would be so upset if it's canceled because my two characters are finally almost together!!! At least let me see the romance build up!!!!


Loved Common Law, who do we write to?


As long as they keep Psych! That's my favorite.


Please renew Necessary Roughness, it is a great show, great characters. It is nice to see a show with real stories, real emotions and how people deal with everyday issues, regardless of their wealth/status. Bottom line, we are all people needing help, our emotional wealth is most important!