Vampire Diaries Exclusive: Paul Wesley on Elena's Choice, A Skilled New Hunter and More

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Prior to nearly sinking to her death and then turning into a member of the undead, Elena chose Stefan over Damon on The Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale.

On the show's Atlanta area set yesterday, however, I asked Paul Wesley about this decision and the impact Elena's transition would have on the state of her and Stefan's relationship. The actor's response to her choice?

That won't last.

So is there hope yet for Delena fans? What about the new threat in Mystic Falls, a vampire hunter named Connor? And how can you help Paul and wife Torrey DeVitto end animal abuse? Wesley answered all these questions and more in our exclusive interview:

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i actually think they did a pretty good job with stefan this season :P hes not a good two shoes this season- ish :P paul LOVES the ripper hahahahaha


i hope...Stelena together....i can't imagine Ele's life withow Stef...please...don't give up Stef...i alaways belive your love S....


I know Stefan doesn't like being a goody two shoes,but he is so GOOD at playing that sexy role, dark underneath, but still with a love for Elena. Im not sure how season 4 will go unless she is with one of the brothers. I like to watch to see stefan/elena together. We will have to see where it leads.


Enough with Stelena or Delena.....bring on some Elena/Elijah! What's a name for those two? Elina? That's weird.Ha. Their name together pretty much spells each of them.


I cant wait for season four. I really want stefan and elena together, they have always been right for each other.


Stefan and Elena are meant to be :) I hate elena being mean to damon i think she leads him on too much, she kisses him then acts all cold after he confronts her I just dont get why she has to be so mean to him. Damon deserves better he should forget elena and find someone else cause elens will never love him the way he loves her! Things might change when she is a vamp but will damon and stefan still want her she isnt human anymore i apart from her looking like katehrine i thought thats why the brothers fell for her for her cause of her do gooder nature. I wish they would end the whole love triangle i am getting abit bored with it now. I say bring in some new character new love interests for the brothers and make elenas character abit more bear able as a human i thought she was dull i am hoping now she is a vamp she will be more like katherine then I wouldnt mind her and damon together as they would be much better! I hate the sappy damon all loved up i say bring back Damon from season 1 love the badass kick ass ask no questions Damon! I am a massive Stelena shipper but i wish the writers would stop teasing the delena viewers, we all know elena wants damon too so let them have the vamp sex and MOVE ON!!


Personally I think Elena should be with Stefan, the whole Damon thing is getting to be like the whole Katherine saga both brothers fighting over her. I think Damon should move on and find a love interest that loves him for him. I feel so bad for Damon he is doing everything to win her over and all she does is kick him in in his teeth I say its about time Damon gave Elena a dose of her own medicine! I much prefer bad ass damon from season 1 I want him back! I am getting tired of the whole love triangle thing! I remember in one ep Damon said if Elena turned into a vamp he would stake her! So I cant help but think for him to still pursue her when she is a vamp is the whole Katherine story yet again but with Elena and honestly its getting BORING! I think that Elena should turn bad ass and become more like Katherine that would be interesting. I am a Stelena shipper but I do feel for Delena fans cause all the writers seem to do is screw with them, by giving them the kiss and then Elena just kicks poor damon in the teeth! We all know Elena feels some attraction to Damon hell who wouldnt so just have the sodding vamp sex and STOP TEASING THE POOR GUY! I think turning elena into a vamp was way too soon I think it was rushed. Its like the crammed everything into one season, they rushed the originals and now this. I love Stelena and I think they were so better suited if they want to have a delena then so be it but I am hopping its just a phase and she goes back to stefan! Sorry Delena fans I just think elena is way to dull and boring for Damon he needs someone more on his wave length, he was much better suited with Katherine.


Paul Wesley is awesome, period!


NOOOO............It has to be Stelena!I dont want Damon and ELena to get together...:(


@MAHAMOUD i just wanted you to know there is not one writer on TVD that isn't smart.and i dont believe it was stupid at all for turning her,it's making it more exciting. If they hadn't wrote what they have had so far their wouldn't be a show. Js
Also i know from what they have wrote so far this show will still be watched by millions and im looking forward to every minute of it. No hard feelings just freedom of speech :-)

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