Vampire Diaries Season Premiere Sneak Peek: A Salvatore Showdown

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On October 11, Elena Gilbert will wake up in a panic, realizing just what she was made into on The Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale.

But what about those Salvatore brothers? How will Damon and Stefan react to the transitioned state of their mutual love?

In a new clip from The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere - first posted on E! News - we see the siblings over arguing Elena, with Stefan in denial and insisting he can do the impossible: turn her back into a human.

"Way to get her hopes up for something that has never happened in the history of vampirism," Damon responds, as you can watch below:

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 kicks off on October 11. We're a tad bit excited for it.


Honestly, Elena doesn't deserve either of them. Seriously, she can't decide whether she wants to be with Stefan or with Damon. Which is why I'm glad I decided to just be Team Salvatore.


The Vampire Diaries or the Elena Show, I can't tell anymore because... EVERYONE HAS TO BEND OVER BACKWARDS TO SAVE THIS DUMB ASS BITCH!!!! Those stupid idiotic fagatore brothers have NOTHING else to do with their lives than worry about that dull cardboard?! And why does no one think long-term?
- If Elena remains human she'll eventually die and they'll lose her anyways!! I am tired, TIRED of EVERYONE making it their life-long goal to save Elena-Sue! What type of show has this become?! That fat fuck can't write her way out of a box, Elena, Stefan and Damon are the WORST characters I have EVER seen in television! They make me vomit!


Wow! Another show down between the Salvatore brothers and it revolves around Elena of course. How original.


Ugh....yet another Showdown between the Brothers !!.. Im sick and tired of the "showdowns" because Damon always makes Stefan look like an uber bitch boy. It always goes back to Elena and her temple of poon-tang between these clowns...Seriously,your vampires !! Go to the Mystic mall and pickup on some other local hot girls.Im sure Elena isnt the be all end all of hott broads in that jerk-water town.


Man ,can't there be any scene where elena isn't the center of the universe ,it's either a scene with her in it ,or another where everybody is talking about saving her.
If everybody keeps on saving her even when she's a vampire i'm gonna be pissed!
Also sometimes i forget there are vampires on the show !!,,a vampire in any other show would have been able to pull the whole car !!
And Bonnie trying to unvampire elena or whatever and not trying to do this for her own mother! those are some serious plot holes that the writers need to fix asap !,it's getting ridiculous!


Wht abt killing her for once m sick of ths girl who makes evry chaacters life miserable!


@Fruit Salad, I get what you are talking about, what I meant to say is that the show has made every other character so revoled around Elena, that this is why such things happen, like Stefan's decision. You said yourself, he is an actual character. Of ocarse, he is, just like Damon, Bonnie, Caroline, Tyler and everyone else is supposed to be. But because the writers have made her the center of their world, I mean, you see it in evey episode yourself, don't you, every decision has the Elena element in it.


i bet you 20 dollars elena will be human again thanks to a bonnie spell lol

Fruit salad

@Amie Oh, we're not discussing the pointlessness that is Elena. I don't bother. It's Stefan's decision that's endlessly frustrating. He's an actual character with real issues, if you just ignore out a weekly inconsistency

Fruit salad

(cont) Point is, Stefan's an extreme with issues. Anyone BUT him would have saved their loved one. Though I must agree with @Bored Now on this whole thing could have been handled WAY better - at the end of the day, Elena was fully conscious and not injured, he could just have let her swim up on her own and taken Matt afterwards. Or, if her leg was asleep, he could have taken both. Problem solved, everyone happy. Sloppy writing, writers. Very sloppy.

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