Vegas Review: You Don't Look Like the Law

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It's 1960s Las Vegas and the rules are different here. Lawmen roughing up suspects is almost as expected as bodies being found in the desert. And in the Vegas pilot there is no CSI to track down a murderer.

But there is Ralph Lamb, rancher and former MP who reluctantly takes on the job as Sheriff when the mayor asks. Dennis Quaid, meanwhile, takes on his first TV role as the soft spoken Lamb, who carries a big rifle and throws a mean punch.

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Lamb's a good guy but he's not unwilling to bend the rules to find his answers. Time will tell how far he's willing to do so in order to solve a case, especially where mobster Vincent Savino is concerned.

Michael Chiklis embodies the role of Savino, Vegas' new top mob boss. He's looking to expand but taking it one day at a time. Today, that means playing nice with Lamb. What that means tomorrow is anyone's guess.

Vegas is filled with interesting characters. I'm happy to see Jason O'Mara resurrected from Terra Nova but I hope he gets to do more than simply play Lambs side kick.

Carrie Ann Moss' Assistant District Attorney, Katherine O'Connell, should prove interesting as a woman climbing the ladder in the 1960 male-dominated world of law and order. 

The fun of Vegas will be watching Lamb and Savino coexist as Las Vegas transforms itself into a mob run mecca of money and sin. 

This premiere was all about introducing us to the main characters and I found them intriguing enough to want to turn back in.

However, the murder plot felt typical of your standard procedural, simply set 50-plus years in the past. And there were a few moments that felt highly questionable such as...

  • Would a biker gang in 1960 really have a high powered attorney who flew in from Los Angeles?
  • Can gum on the door frame actually keep that lock from clicking?
  • Lamb's game of chicken with Bob was cool but he could have just as likely ended up as road kill. 

The pull to tune in will be watching this talented cast transform themselves into the compelling characters that inhabit the contradictions of this gritty yet glamorous world. 

Will you be heading to Vegas this season?


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Loved the show and will continue to watch, but for crying out loud! There are plenty of flawless pre-1960 cars and motorcycles out there. Can't we keep the cars' years more accurate? You lost me with the 63 TBird and the 62 Cadillac, doesn't matter how clean they were. Don't think anyone will notice? Trust me, I'm not the only one.


Reminded me a little of Longmire. Modern day with a little Western and cowboy influence. Not bad will check out Episode 2


I really liked this show and the cast. Quaid and Chikilis are great together! And the setting is a super change of pace.


Overacting by Quaid. If it's overly procedural, I doubt I'll continue watching. I'll watch another episode. I want to see Sarah Jones' character anyway.


We looked forward to this premier, and we weren't disappointed. We liked Dennis Quaid, and are interested to see how he does in this. Loved the retro clothes & old cars. My husband's quibble (which I found minor) was that the casinos weren't smoky enough. Even now, casinos are thick with cigarette smoke - it would have been even more so back in the 60s.


He actually doesn't want to be sheriff which suits his character perspective. It's more like he is thrown into this world. Pretty interesting with strong actors made for a short film each week. Hope to discover more about how he and his brothers got into the ranch business.


I thought that Quaid needed to tone down the grumpiness, and chewed up the set a bit. It also did not make sense from the limited character development that Quaid would want to be the Sheriff. Chiklis is always good and no change here. Although forewarned, I am already disappointed that it is a CBS one-crime-a-week-to solve show. Although the death of the predecessor sheriff may be an ongoing issue, it is not a mystery for the audience to be intrigued with. Will I give it another try? Yes. Will I watch the show all year if things do not change? No.


Yes gum will do that. Great pilot. Hope it keeps it up. That lame show Revolution on NBC would do well to take some notes on how to produce a well crafted, well scripted and well acted show. Vegas, so far, is all of these.

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