666 Park Avenue Review: Dream Job

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There's something about 666 Park Avenue that continues to draw me in.

Of course the mystery and intrigue behind the Drake play favorably in that aspect, but there's definitely some Lost nostalgia washing over me.

In terms of the "resident of the week," the obituary writer who becomes successful only to be foiled by her own occupation was interesting and full of irony, but not nearly as enticing as when the core characters of the show are at work. But did anyone think that actress seemed a bit like Anne Hathaway?

And it's not a slight on that attempt to reveal more residents' desires and eventual downfalls, I just feel that there's enough going on that I'm more curious to learn about the main story, characters, etc.

It's certainly entertaining that this show manages to elicit the scare factor one moment and a seductive one the next. From discovering whispers, dead girls and old dolls (why are they so creepy?)... to the intimate moments between Henry and Jane or Brian and Louise - or even Alexis giving Brian naughty looks at the club - you can't help but want to watch and see what happens next.

Yet, "The Dead Don't Stay Dead" was the perfect opportunity in digging a little deeper into the world of the Dorans.

Olivia's Painful Secret

It's obvious that Gavin has an ability to convince others to do what he wants, pretty much without that person knowing it. He's a skilled master of persuasion.

Gavin did, after all, convince the writer to dream bigger as he did Henry in getting a job with the councilman, and also Jane in getting closer to Olivia. Gavin exudes that confidence and charm, but there's a force behind that smile that is definitely something to be reckoned with.

Remember: he pushed that councilman down the elevator shaft.

But is Gavin the one that is "evil" like his daughter's letter suggests? Or is that just an alluding factor because of it? Not to say that shoving someone to their white light death is good, but there's obviously more to him than meets the eye.

And the fact that for a man who seems intent on giving others what they so deeply desire (oh, but with that unfortunate cost), it's surprising that he hasn't managed to conjure up a way to bring his daughter back. It's obvious that Olivia is deeply upset by the suicide, but is Gavin?

It's great that we got a hint more backstory on this power couple who are played with such charismatic force from Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams. It's just hard to not like them.

I'm glad that Henry, Jane, Brian and Louise all got together, allowing more interactions outside of the specific couples. Plus, aside from the budding friendship, it was rather humorous seeing Henry give the tiny smirks and looks after seeing Alexis across the street and even at the club.

While I understand Jane has that strong willed desire to figure out the puzzle that is the Drake (and trust me, I want to know it too) sometimes it kills me when characters love to go into dark and scary rooms and retrieve things like haunted cases. Why, oh, why, must you put yourself at risk, Jane?

But what is in that case?

Once again, another fun episode that's not dense in material but overall is full of entertainment and intrigue. The more the layers get peeled back and the more O'Quinn allows Gavin Doran to give that devilish smile, the more I'm ready to see what else is hiding behind the walls of the Drake.


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This place reminds me of "Hotel California"...you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave...


Does anyone know the name of the song when Jane and Henry get to the hotel? Let me know please and thank you:) By the way this show is AMAZING!!!!


First of all, I like Terry O'Quinn. Loved him in Jag, Hawaii-Five O and now in 666 Park Avenue. However, I'm becoming a bit annoyed with Jane. 666 reminds me of the song by the Eagles, "Hotel California"? "You can check out anytime you like, But you can never leave!" I will continue to watch it but they have to do something with Jane? She is whacked! No one in their right mind would walk around in the dead of night as she does!


Great review! I wrote a post on the first three episodes over at my site, Blog on the Rails. I'd love to hear what you think! Thanks so much. http://www.blogontherails.blog...


This show is really good! People gotta start watching or it's gonna get canceled. I feel like Sunday 10pm is the new ABC cursed timeslot (it used to be Wednesday at 10pm)...


I totally agree;this show is drawing me in, and each week i'm liking it even more. Looking forward to next week's episode :)


I really enjoyed last night's new episode of 666 Park Avenue. What impressed me the most is that they fleshed out the character of Olivia a lot more. Most of all, they need to bring the character of Sasha on to the show. I mean...more and more, fictional characters come back from the dead...24/7. And, if I lived in that building, I would not want to do anything to get on Gavin's bad side...LOL!!!!! Until next week...Peace.

Sarah silva

Tiffany O, I posted my comment before I read the others and you and I are on the same path.....

Sarah silva

I really enjoy this show and I hope it stays but I fead it will be cancelled.
This is what I think: Gavin is the devil or another true form of evil and he has been around since the first days if the Drake and will remain the age he is at forever. I had thought that Olivia was in on all this as there is something off about her BUT what I think is that after their daughter died, Gavin is keeping her on medication or something as she was devastated that her daugther died. I think Sasha knew that her dad was evil and Gavin knew that Sasha new and he caused her to run into the concrete wall as we know that he has the power to make anyone to anything!
I also think for some reason Gavin wants Louise and Brian to break up and he hired Alexis to seduce him....
I too see little bits of Lost in this show and I hope it sticks around!


I wanted to like this show and was a bit worried with the first couple of episodes, but it seems like with this one, they are settling in nicely. Interesting that the character the writer brought up came to life - and if you see in the previews - wreaks havoc next week. I am confused how Gavin did NOT know his daughter's death was a suicide. Does Olivia not know who/what he is? Would Gavin have a "human side" about her loss? I am almost thinking that the daughter discovered the truth and HE killed her, "caused" the suicide somehow with his power of suggestion. Olivia really threw me for a loop though because I would have thought her and Gavin were in on everything together. That had me the most intrigued of anything. WHO is the little girl????

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