Arrow Review: A Man in a Green Hood

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There's a new revenge seeker in town, but this one's a little more superhero than super-psycho. In the Arrow pilot we meet Oliver Queen, the son of billionaire Robert Queen, both presumed to have been killed in a shipwreck five years ago.

The clincher is this: Oliver survived and a lot happened to him while he sat on a deserted island in the Pacific for those five years. What did he learn while he was there? A couple of people are going to great lengths to find out. 

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Everyone in Starling City knew Oliver as a debaucherous playboy, which is pretty on point considering he was sleeping with his girlfriend's sister on the boat right before it sank. She unfortunately did not survive, and her sister Laurel expresses her feelings pretty lucidly to Oliver later on in the episode. For lines from the pilot, refer to our Arrow quotes section.

Oliver has to keep up this pretense of only caring about partying if he wants to succeed at his mission in bringing justice to Starling City. Nobody can know what his father told him before he died. Oliver returned with a small book full of names of people who have wronged his beloved city. He also returned with a body full of scar tissue, insane ninja-like fighting skills, an exemplary skill with a bow and arrow... and the sickest abs I've ever seen. Do you think Stephen Amell ever tires of hearing that?

Anyway, his first victim up is Adam Hunt, a scumbag millionaire. His ex-girlfriend, Laurel, is also trying to take down Hunt through her job at legal aid. Which one do you think got the job done quicker? If your bet was on the vigilante, you'd be correct. Somehow, Oliver manages to kick major butt and return to his welcome home party just in time to keep his cover and down some tequila shots to Avicii.

As much as he longs to tell Laurel how he feels about her, he knows he has to keep her at arms length to protect her. Besides, Laurel's bed hasn't exactly been empty while Oliver was away. His player best friend Tommy Merlyn, who has the best lines on the show, has had a few dalliances with Laurel. My favorite Merlyn quote of the episode was when he was trying to get Oliver laid after approximately 1,839 days.

Tommy: By my rough estimate, you have no had sex in 1839 days, as your wingman I highly recommend Carmen Golden.
Oliver: Which one is she?
Tommy: The one that looks like the chick from Twilight.
Oliver: What's Twilight?
Tommy: You're so better off not knowing. | permalink

Yes, Oliver, you are probably better off not knowing about Twilight! Just make sure you catch up on The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, okay? 

It's not going to be an easy road for Oliver as he has to protect his sister Thea, played by the gorgeous Willa Holland, who has fallen in with a bit of a bad crowd. Oliver, unknowingly, has another obstacle in his own mother, who it turns out has hired thugs to find out what he learned on the island. He also has Detective Lance, Laurel and Sarah's father, who has it out for Oliver while simultaneous trying to search for the "guy in the green hood" who has been rescuing and attacking people all over town.

I think Arrow has a lot of promise. Admittedly, I have not read the comics and I'm not a fan of typical superhero shows, but I am a huge Batman fan and there are similarities between these two. Neither one has a magical superpower, everything they do is through experience and skill. This show has it all, interesting characters, mystery, love, drama and a bit of comedy.

It seems like CW has found it's next big hit. Now, what do you all think? Grade the Arrow premiere now:


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So many elements from previous tv shows (CW) have been combined to make this a great pilot! And I really hope it will continue its path of top excellent storylines, action and romance! The only thing I disliked was the lack of insecurity through the character's personality. In SmallVille there was a lot of insecurity, coming-of-age and I liked that a lot.


Supernatural...syfy....strictly for Teeny boppers....won't be there !!!!


I stumbled on this last night and it is the BOMB!
Some very serious action and Oliver has some very serious
combat moves too.. Hope they can sustain it....


Is this completely fantasy (like Twilight fantasy or Vampire Diaries fantasy)? I couldn't be bothered to read all that.


The premiere was okey. Not awesome, but good enough for me to keep watching. Stephen Amell is seriously hot and i love it when he goes into '' Green Arrow'' mode, but a good actor he is not. I'd also prefer it if each villain's story took at least two episodes so that i'd have time to hate him. Love Oliver's sister, love their bond. Don't really like Laurel and i can tell right now i ain't gonna be shipping them. I prefer Laurel with Tommy who is indeed very likeable.


Changes to the character's back-story, from both the comics and the Smallvile version, are odd. Why Starling City, instead of Star City? Why was only his father killed, and his mother turned to a villain (perhaps trying to avoid to close a parallel to Batman?). Why Laurel Lance, instead of Dinah? And, will she still be the Black Canary? if they want to create a new character, why not give him a new name? This way is weird.


"Admittedly, I have not read the comics and I'm not a fan of typical superhero shows, but I am a huge Batman fan and there are similarities between these two. Neither one has a magical superpower, everything they do is through experience and skill. This show has it all, interesting characters, mystery, love, drama and a bit of comedy. You could not have put it better. My sentiments exactly. Amazing pilot! Let's only hope it keeps up that way.


The Pilot was pretty good. Kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. Stephen is amazing in how he uses his body. That chase scene where he jumps over a pipe while running, off the hook cool looking. Watched that part a couple of times. Story seems good, the little sister.. I never like kids that are smart mouths and there is always one. Geez, can we just not do that anymore, it's old. So no, don't like her. Laurel.. another not likeable person so far. How do you tell a guy that was missing for 5 years on a deserted island (who survived btw), that you wish he was dead. Wow, how much of an ass***e are you? And that reveal, the cop was the sisters father, or did I misunderstand that? Did think of the original Oliver from Smallville alot. Miss him, but he couldn't pull this one off. This character is much darker. All in all, very enjoyable.


I never thought that I would love this pilot. I think that it is AWESOME! Great lead in for Supernatural. I love Katie Cassidy as a blonde demon on Supernatural. She is much better as a bad-a-s-s! I don't like the brown haired demure Katie. I think that she was miscasted on Gossip Girl last season. This is a winner from the CW!


First of all, Stephen Armell's abs... *drool* Now that's eye candy. On the other hand, never like Katie Cassidy and still don`t like her. @leila: I have to disagree with you, this show is far from similar with Revenge. With Revenge, Emily is avenging the death of her father while here, it`s basically protecting the entire city and not exactly for his own selfish reasons. However, the starting plot, "billionaire found alive who became super powerful while in the wild with his family wanting to control him and his fortune" plot, is a bit repetitive. Didn`t the cancelled show Tarzan start like that too? I liked the Green Arrow from Smallville better even with Armen`s abs. This show certainly drew me in and I`ll start following this one like a squeeling fan, but I hope that it won`t become too cliche either.

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Arrow Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Thea: I missed you so much.
Oliver: You were with me the whole time.

To live I had to make myself more than what I was, to forge myself into a weapon. I am returning not the boy who was shipwrecked, but the man who will bring justice to those who have poisoned my city. My name is Oliver Queen.