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Arrow Season 1


We've arrived at the season finale of Arrow, as Oliver and Diggle race to stop the Dark Archer.

"Darkness on the Edge of Town"

Oliver and Moira entertain some visitors on this episode of Arrow. Laurel, meanwhile, makes a key decision regarding Tommy.

"The Undertaking"

Oliver focuses on crossing a new list name off this week. Felicity, meanwhile, goes into the field.

"Home Invasion"

Deadshot is back on this episode of Arrow, as a sting operation takes center stage on "Home Invasion."

"Unfinished Business"

Seth Gabel returns to Arrow this week. He has another run-in with The Hood.


"The Savior" abducts Roy and murders those he believes have wronged his neighborhood. Can Oliver get to him before it's too late on the latest Arrow?

"The Huntress Returns"

Oliver's life is disrupted when the Huntress returns to the city on Arrow.

"Dead to Rights"

Deadshot is back! Diggle and Arrow learn of his next target on this key episode.


On Arrow, a jewel thief named Dodger targets people who are close to Oliver, while Oliver asks Detective McKenna out on a date.

"The Odessey"

Oliver hovers between life and death after he's shot and recalls adventures with Slade Wilson on Arrow.


David Anders guest stars on this episode of Arrow. He plays an evil criminal just released from prison.


Arrow meets a new, drug-dealing nemesis on this episode of The CW hit. He is played by Seth Gabel.

"Trust but Verify"

Oliver and Diggle are at odds on this episode of Arrow, while Thea thinks her mom is having an affair.


Oliver goes up against an injured firefighter on this episode of Arrow. It's the first installment of 2013.

"Year's End"

On Arrow, Oliver hopes to restore some normalcy when he throws a family Christmas party. Laurel is torn when Tommy asks her to spend the holiday with him.


Oliver and Helena grow a lot closer on this episode of Arrow. Much to the chagrin of Diggle.

"Muse of Fire"

Ready to meet The Huntress? She makes her first appearance this week on Arrow.


We meet the Royal Flush Gang on this episode of Arrow. It's a big one!


Oliver gets arrested on this episode of Arrow. We also meet Deathstroke.

"An Innocent Man"

Oliver sets out to help an innocent man on this episode of Arrow. He also seeks advice from his sister.

"Lone Gunman"

Deadshot sets his sights on Arrow this week, as Michael Rowe makes his first appearance on The CW hit.

"Honor Thy Father"

Kelly Hu guest stars on this episode of Arrow, Oliver aims to get his death certificate repealed.


We meet Oliver Queen on the series premiere of Arrow, and discover why he is driven by revenge.

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