Covert Affairs Review: Like a Fiddle

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This is not the same road Annie Walker took with Simon Fisher. Not because she doesn't have feelings for Eyal, but because by the end of "Man in the Middle" it was revealed that Eyal played Annie for a fool.

Whether that turns out to be true or not - Mossad could have been behind the doctoring of the photos against Eyal's wishes - thankfully Covert Affairs isn't simply rehashing a story it told less than a season ago.

Happy Annie and Auggie

Other than the one fight in the rafters, this was a more subdued hour than what we had been given since the return from hiatus, but as always, that didn't necessarily make it any less interesting.

Annie's attempts to work with Khalid's girlfriend were fun, Joan and Arthur's difficult situation was hard not to worry about and Parker coming back into Auggie's life for a favor had break the heart of many a Chris Gorham fan.

Gorham was playing double duty this week, as he directed his first-ever episode. If his goal was to create an hour that seamlessly felt like all of the others I've watched, I'd say he did a bang up job.

In front of the camera, his Auggie was put through the ringer as Parker called on him to help her parents out. That he did, because he loved her brother, and that's the type of guy he is, but it was easy to see how much seeing her again hurt our man Auggie.

Even when he's down, Auggie finds a way to lighten up the situation though. His phone call to Annie had to put a smile on your face...

Auggie: Remember when you said you could use several cold beers tonight?
Annie: I never said that.
Auggie: Yeah maybe that was me.

Joan's group, and her newly revitalized relationship with Seth, caused a rift between her and Arthur. Kari Matchett was remarkable in portraying the inner turmoil Joan was going through in not being able to tell her husband about the real issue.

That's what makes a show like this, and its characters, so interesting. It would be much easier to say that Joan should 100% talk to Arthur about her problem if all of these people didn't work in the CIA, but since they do, it puts much more doubt in our minds.

Was she doing the right thing by keeping it from him? Did Joan now do the right thing by telling Arthur about it? These questions are much more difficult to answer, and the stakes are infinitely high. It will be fun to see if anything goes wrong because of this bit of information Arthur now knows.

How will Arthur react to this information? What will Annie do about Eyal? And what is next for Auggie?


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God I feel for Auggie I just want him and Annie to get together.They have an amazing connection.Joan and Arthur I wish them luck.


I too think Eyal and Annie are both being used by someone, but I hope not his superior in Mossad because that would be one too many parallels to Lena and Simon. I really like Eyal and would hate for him not to pop up on Covert Affairs in the future seasons.


I know I'm in the minority but as much as I like Kari Manchett I'm having an increasing difficulty even slightly liking Joan. Her plot lines are stupid in the extreme, and her final line just made her sound like a world class "rhymes with witch". Truth is at this point I still trust Eyal more than her.


i'm getting really sick of annie constantly disobeying direct orders and never getting reprimanded. seriously, she actually tried to spin that her feelings for simon was an asset? she goes off book every single time, and is just like well it payed off. her job is to follow orders- this is getting ridiculous


Man if they turn eyal evil im out.He is one of the only good things the show has going for them and they would be stupid to blow that apart.


I'll watch the rest of this season (or not) but I definitely won't watch next season.


Also, Chris Gorham did a fantastic job with the episode! Loved the flow of the episode, especially at the beginning before the credits rolled.


I felt SOOOO bad for Joan by the end of this! She's trying to deal with her addiction. But she can't rely on Seth cuz of their relationship. Arthur thinks she's cheating when she's just trying to protect him. Her superiors don't trust her judgement when she tried to help Annie by supporting her decision to go after Lena. And now Annie is attacking her when Joan has been worried sick about the girl and doing everything she can to help! LOVED Kari in this episode!


Annie...sheesh... First if Lena that works for the same agency betrayed you...why would you think a spy for another country would be loyal? His only loyalty is his country. In addition, TV fanatic I love you, but this review is not written well. First you should include the spoilers for major plot points and you usually do. FYI: Eyal gave Annie false intel and that allowed a terrorist to escape. Joan is on pain killers and can't tell Arthur because he gets polygraphed all the time. Her drug sponsor used to be her boyfriend. Arthur thought they were involved romantically but they weren't.


@R why would you be coming here if haven't watched the episode yet??????? I'm with few others poster I think its going to be being used by eyals boss for some purpose. I know people will say its to close to the simon storyline but I just can't see either eyal or annie turning on the other.

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