Covert Affairs Review: Like a Fiddle

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This is not the same road Annie Walker took with Simon Fisher. Not because she doesn't have feelings for Eyal, but because by the end of "Man in the Middle" it was revealed that Eyal played Annie for a fool.

Whether that turns out to be true or not - Mossad could have been behind the doctoring of the photos against Eyal's wishes - thankfully Covert Affairs isn't simply rehashing a story it told less than a season ago.

Happy Annie and Auggie

Other than the one fight in the rafters, this was a more subdued hour than what we had been given since the return from hiatus, but as always, that didn't necessarily make it any less interesting.

Annie's attempts to work with Khalid's girlfriend were fun, Joan and Arthur's difficult situation was hard not to worry about and Parker coming back into Auggie's life for a favor had break the heart of many a Chris Gorham fan.

Gorham was playing double duty this week, as he directed his first-ever episode. If his goal was to create an hour that seamlessly felt like all of the others I've watched, I'd say he did a bang up job.

In front of the camera, his Auggie was put through the ringer as Parker called on him to help her parents out. That he did, because he loved her brother, and that's the type of guy he is, but it was easy to see how much seeing her again hurt our man Auggie.

Even when he's down, Auggie finds a way to lighten up the situation though. His phone call to Annie had to put a smile on your face...

Auggie: Remember when you said you could use several cold beers tonight?
Annie: I never said that.
Auggie: Yeah maybe that was me.

Joan's group, and her newly revitalized relationship with Seth, caused a rift between her and Arthur. Kari Matchett was remarkable in portraying the inner turmoil Joan was going through in not being able to tell her husband about the real issue.

That's what makes a show like this, and its characters, so interesting. It would be much easier to say that Joan should 100% talk to Arthur about her problem if all of these people didn't work in the CIA, but since they do, it puts much more doubt in our minds.

Was she doing the right thing by keeping it from him? Did Joan now do the right thing by telling Arthur about it? These questions are much more difficult to answer, and the stakes are infinitely high. It will be fun to see if anything goes wrong because of this bit of information Arthur now knows.

How will Arthur react to this information? What will Annie do about Eyal? And what is next for Auggie?


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Matt richenthal

@R: This is a review, as other readers have pointed out. We ask writers to assume readers have seen the episode and are coming here for opinion/reaction.


I don't have a clue how this one will work out, but I think that Eyal and Annie are both being used by his boss at Mossad. I'm still trying to get used to the softer side of Arthur. It is painful to see Joan unraveling. Final scene between Auggie & Parker was great.


Did the author edit the article title? It says, "Review" not "recap". Not sure what you two are complaining about.


R this isn't a recap, it's a review - watch the episode and then come back and read this ..


Um no offense but TERRIBLE recap. I have no idea what happened in the episode. How did Eyal screw Annie over?!!

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