Covert Affairs Review: What's Old Is New

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As you would assume from the title, "Wishful Beginnings" put Annie's time with Simon, Lena and Russia in the past, as Covert Affairs moved forward in a couple of new directions.

The arc that feels the most familiar is Annie working with Eyal. We just went through the entire first half of the season attempting to figure out the complexities of Annie's relationship with Simon. How much of it was strictly professional? How personal were things getting? Who was in it for what reasons? Those questions finally got answered, but it seems now we are asking ourselves the same about her work with Eyal.

WIll Annie Help?

In no way can they repeat the same outcome in back-to-back stories. Because both Annie and Simon let their personal relationship take the lead over their professional one, I can't see that being the case with her and Eyal. That then leads us to wondering who is making this all about business.

Because we last saw Eyal lying to his boss about where Annie was living, and we know she doesn't want him getting too attached to the American, I can imagine that he is indeed letting his personal feelings for Annie get in the way of what his employer wants him to accomplish.

That means that I have to expect that Annie is going to end up using Eyal for the better of her company and her career. It will hurt me to no end if she somehow screws him over, but if she doesn't, everything will feel too much like the story we just watched unfold with Simon.

It will kill me if Eyal gets hurt in all of this. Oded Fehr plays the character in a way that is just so likable. When he walked into the DPD and that whistle blew for the start of the opening credits, it was extremely difficult not to smile from ear to ear.

The same is true for him meeting Auggie for the first time. Their witty banter, and then that giant bear hug, was great to see out of two of my favorite characters on the show.

Unfortunately, Eyal showing up and inviting Annie to stay at his D.C. apartment left our man Auggie in the dark when he went to see Annie at her house. I guess we will have to wait a bit longer to get a serious convo between A&A.

The other most interesting aspect of "Wishful Beginnings" was that Arthur and Joan finally got some more weight on their arcs. Joan ended the episode by walking with her man-friend into a meeting. Yes, that type of meeting. Next we may hear the words, "My name is Joan. I'm an addict."

What is her addiction, though? Will this cause a rift between her and Arthur? Was Arthur concerned about seeing her friend because they had a romantic past, like they made it seem at first? Or does he know that the guy was an addict like Joan, and he doesn't like seeing her with him?

The turn could bring out a number of interesting dynamics at the DPD, and I'm excited to watch them unfold. For the time being, it was really nice to see Arthur go out of his way to let Annie know how distraught Joan was about Annie being in trouble. He's a good guy.

With the exception of a couple of chase scenes between Annie and the guy trying to get the watch, it wasn't quite as pulse pounding as last week's return, but what did you all think of "Wishful Beginnings?" Did it excite you for the rest of season three? And which new directions are you most interested in?


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I just love the charisma between Annie and Eyal. I am hoping Eyal will continue to be on more episodes of Covert Affairs, he is so good looking!!!


Annie and Eyal, that just makes my day.


Oded Fehr episodes are always my favorites of the series. I LOVE EYAL WITH ANNIE !! I like Auggie as a character but I just don't think they'd make a good couple.


I feel really dumb. I just realized after a perusal of episode titles on IMDB that most of the episodes in each season are named after songs by a particular musical performer -- Led Zeppelin for season 1, REM for season 2, and David Bowie for season 3. Did everybody else figure this out eons ago?


Just get Oded Feher his own show. That's all I ask.


I have to say that I don't feel all that bad for Eyal. I have high doubts he'll be crushed in this and made a bad guy. I do think it is ridiculous that Annie would be as naive to think that sharing info makes ANY sense. I think it would surmount to insubordination and possibly treason. If they put Eyal with Annie I would be very annoyed. Their flirty banter is great. I could even like watching it. But for her to get involved in another spy romance is ridiculous and she should know better and the fact that she can't see that there's an underlying motive is beyond me because she IS an spy and should always wonder what people's motives are.


As much as a part of me craves the idea of a romance between Auggie and Annie, I think dp is right and that it wouldn't be in the show's best interest. I do want Auggie to get some love though, he is a such a great guy, and he has been raked over the coals too many times. Oded Fehr is one of my favourite actors, and I love him as Eyal, so it would be fantastic to see him become a regular or at least maybe in half of the episodes each season.


Hey Forty-Seven! Maybe Mossad wants to turn Annie precisely because she is too confident? They could use her and toss her aside. I don't see her becoming a full-fledged double agent like Lena was, but I could be way off base and the story line will go in another direction. I just don't want Eyal to be a bad guy. Love the character of Auggie, but a romance between the two central characters is kiss of death - anybody remember how lame MOONLIGHTING was after they got together? That's just one example.


I really enjoy this show. It has good character development, great action scenes and interesting story lines. However, there is one aspect of CA that is getting kind of annoying. How many times are we going to see Auggie get screwed over? First his fiancee leaves him. Then his true love, Annie falls hard for Simon. After Simon is out of the picture (permanently), Auggie gets up enough courage to tell Annie how he feels about her, but she is nowhere to be found. And she appears to be on the verge of getting involved with Eyal. The writers must get some sadistic pleasure out of messing with this guy. Oh, and he's also blind. Hopefully before the end of this season, something good will happen in Auggie's personal life. Watching him get kicked repeatedly in the cajones every week just isn't that entertaining to me anymore.


I don't see how Annie/Eyal will be different enough from Annie/Simon. Annie being assertive and independent is good but she's not exceptional (even ignoring all the ridiculous things she does e.g. following Simon in a red dress and driving a red car). Mossad wants to compromise/turn? her!? Auggie/Eyal was great.

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