Criminal Minds Review: Dysfunction Junction

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"Through the Looking Glass" pitted the BAU against an unsub who had a difficult time dealing with his disappointment around the lack of idyllic families. After murdering the first of two, he decided to teach the second family a lesson. 

A Family Abducted

It wasn't quite so easy this week to sympathize with our UnSub I suppose. As Blake said, "there is no such thing as an ideal family."

Mind you, the Acklins pretty much epitomized the dysfunction junction of families, so perhaps he couldn't have picked a better group to satisfy his goal to ensure that they "appreciate what they had," what with those blank bullets and all. Their list of sins didn't seem all that spectacular. just a little banal: dad was unfaithful, mom was a shopaholic and daughter was either a recreational druggie or junkie. Although it was a little unsettling to find out that mom's view of homicide was a little bit...flexible.

He did manage to get the family unit talking to each other, so there's that.

It was interesting to see Blake beginning to fit in with the unit. I have to admit, this week she sort of grew on me a bit, particularly when she threw a quick joke at Reid about his perhaps having Asperger Syndrome (which of course he missed). I kind of expected she and Morgan would have some more sparks as they did in the Season 7 premiere, but this time they seemed to work well together in questioning one of their suspects.  

Reid is always an unintentional source of amusement actually: his quick reply to the Ravenwood Camp director's question about the problem with America got me laughing out loud:

Camp director: Do you know what the biggest problem in America is today?
Reid: We're losing the war against antibiotic resistance.
Camp director: Smartphones. | permalink

Has anyone ever heard of Japanese minivans from the 90s being referred to as "base camps of pleasure"? That was news to me - and Google appears to be silent about it.

Beth's big news came as a surprise. I expected her to say she was pregnant. Instead she's moving to New York to take on a new job, so it looks as though she and Hotch will be doing some travelling. I was glad to see that they didn't sabotage that relationship, given his previous ex-wife's horrific death. Plus, she's a good fit: sexy, loves to laugh and seems to really like Jack. I'm guessing that we won't see much of her this season.

And, finally, we have another good exchange between Morgan and Garcia. Of course, one person's cute is another's cloying:

Morgan: Hey sweetness. What have you got?
Garcia: Tidbits as juicy as you, love shack. | permalink

So what did you think of the episode? Are you enjoying the Garcia-Morgan weekly flirt-gab? What's your impression of Blake?  


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Really, I am a LOT put off by the inappropriate relationship between Garcia and Morgan...I find it at the very least annoying and unlikely in the modern day work if NO ONE would question there over the phone speak forall to hear?? Really? Personally, it takes away both of their credibility, if they wany to vent...sexualy, then do it after work.
BTW, have no problem with them hooking up after hours.....but I doubt Morgan would actually go there, he just likes playing her big time.


too soon for Hotch????? Seriously??????? He lost Haley several seasons(which in TV time means YEARS) ago! A person has to move on at some point!!!!!!


I'm glad Beth is moving because it is too soon for Hotch!


DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE CHARACTER CUT OFF TV FANATIC!!!!!! The best scene was at the end when Penelope was waiting with drinks for the team and they all hugged.......


@Allison Thompson
Morgan and Garcia DID NOT get married. The name of this weeks episode is THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS and is available for viewing(the day after originally airing) at I'm still not liking the Blake character. She's not adding anything, IMO, to the team dynamic. Perhaps in time...... Disappointed we have not seen anymore of this mysterious photographer that was in the season premiere whose taken pictures of our team....... This week's episode fell flat for me. The first thing I thought when I read Hotch was in a for surprise, I thought his new lady friend would be pregnant. And just why would you people think that would be irresponsible of Hotch? Because of his job? Geez....... Since the actress has another gig, might be hard to get her back, but, it seems they are going in that direction with them making it seem they are going to make a go of it. The best scene was at the end when Penelope was waiting with drinks for the team and they all shared a hug........


I'm finding it hard to stay with cm I absolutely do not like the new gal they really need to get rid of her if thy can't have prentiss get someone with a personality ugh


I think season 8 has started off very solid. It's interesting and seems fresh. Obviously the new team member is gradually being integrated into the team. Blake is growing on me though I find her a little dull/cautious and this is not an insult but her scenes with Reid made me realize that if she had a child in her late teens she could actually be his mother. In my opinion they are quite physically similer. Loved watching the dysfunctional family and there was a good amount of profiling and team face time.


@Michael: I liked that too. The fact that we're seeing more of the police procedural aspect - which leads us all (and not just the team) to the reveal of the unsub - is a welcome return. @Katie: :) no, I don't think Hotch would be irresponsible either. Maybe they were okay with the idea of a new child though. Just wasn't sure. (I think they make an awesome couple) I agree that Garcia and Morgan need to be careful with the speakerphone. I don't recall any awkwardness around their banter with onlookers. Glad you guys mentioned it - now I'm curious: I'll be watching that dynamic a little closer.


I'm not having a problem with Alex so far and she seems to be fitting in with no problems. Her jab at Reed was great fun. I agree that Morgan/Garcia games should be kept off speakerphone. Sorry that we'll be seeing less of Beth, but kudos to her for the job at Scandals. CM has been, and will always be, among my top 5.


I was in the hospital and missed the Morgan-Garcia nuptials. I have looked EVERYWHERE AND CANNOT FIND THE NAME OF THE EPISODE. They fired You Tube and sent me to a site that does not work. Can someone PLEASE, PLEASE tell me the name of the episode so I can watch it. BTW I HATE THAT NEW WOMAN ! Thanks

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Criminal Minds Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

Camp director: Do you know what the biggest problem in America is today?
Reid: We're losing the war against antibiotic resistance.
Camp director: Smartphones.

Morgan: Hey sweetness. What have you got?
Garcia: Tidbits as juicy as you, love shack.