Emily Owens, M.D. Review: Changes in Attitude

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Oh, Emily Owens. You're so delightfully awkward. Just like the rest of us. Even those of us who think we're not awkward at all.

Tonight's episode of Emily Owens, M.D., "Emily and...the Outbreak," was the best yet. While Emily may not always hit her stride, or her pinecones, the show is starting to do just that.

Emily Visits High School

I both like and dislike that not much time seems to be progressing between episodes of EO. On the one hand, timelines make some story elements seem implausible. On the other, better hand, timelines like this one make for incredibly tight narratives.

Because of this tight timeline, EO's third installment - which had Emily choosing how she'll deal with her new arrangement with Will - worked cohesively with the previous two episodes. Since they're just going to be friends and she still has feelings for him, Emily decides a change in her perspective is necessary in order to cope.

First of all, When Harry Met Sally proved that men and women cannot be friends. Watching Will and Emily try is a sad, awkward, funny mix. Her decision to pick Will apart to uncover his flaws was nothing short of a humorous failure. She manufactured insensitivity and immaturity to make him seem less than perfect, trying to convince herself that he's the wrong guy for her.

And of course he's the wrong guy for her, mostly because he rejected her, a fact she faces when she sees him consoling Cassandra after Cassandra's surgical choke.

I like that tonight's episode saw both of Emily's potential love interest - Will and Micah - paying attention to other women. I also like that she's still clueless to Micah as a potential love interest. That aspect of this "triangle" makes this feel more natural and less forced upon us.

We also saw more of Emily being, well, Emily.

First, her incredible bedside manner with the gymnast made me maybe more emotional than a cheesy drama should. And then I could feel her nerves as she approached the topic of sex with the high school girls. But, in typical Emily fashion, she pulled herself together telling them to respect and protect themselves, all while dodging purposefully uncomfortable questions.

One of the things that I love about this character is that in clutch moments she gets it together, perhaps proving that maybe people do change after high school. I can't help but like her.

Other things that are worth noting from this episode:

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to think about Micah and Emily. It seemed like things were pretty firmly pointing toward him being attracted to Emily in record time, so I can't decide if his date tonight is a red herring or if the writers are trying to pull back from that just a bit because of how quickly it progressed. Don't get me wrong, I like this idea that he'll date other people while she pines for Will and then they'll eventually find their way to one another better than what we were getting. I just wish that it didn't feel quite so bait-and-switch-y.

Cassandra, even though she choked in surgery and was positively rude when Emily tried to cover for her, still needs to go. Nothing she does really engenders any sympathy in me and actually has the opposite effect of making me dislike her more. Her sole purpose for existence at this point is as Emily's rival and as a love interest for Will and that could easily be achieved with one of the other females in the hospital. I'm still not digging the character.

Tyra was less annoying tonight. She became a doctor seemingly to please her father, but she knows that when her father finds out she's a lesbian, he'll be displeased. She's got personal conflict that's more relateable than Cassandra's bitchiness. I don't like that Tyra is a token character, but I do like her when she's less of an overly-caffeinated gossip girl. Between Tyra and Cassandra, Tyra can stay. She's at least kind to her patients.

We're three episodes in to Emily Owens, M.D. What do you think so far? What did you think of "Emily...and the Outbreak"? Let's talk in the comments! And be sure to check our our Emily Owens, M.D. quotes page!


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I love this show. Please don't cancel show:(


I Hope The Show Doesn't Get Cancelled. Because I Really Like It':))
Mostly Because People Can Relate To Emily they must had a bully and not have not know how to deal with a bully, C;I think that is why i like this show a lot not all of us are social butterflys and can be that person that is good in any social events.... I THink Emily is the right amount of akwared,charismmatic,and nice person that is why i like he XD... she tries to be a bitch like Cassandra but when she does she can't because she is not that type of person.. xo WEll I Hope Emily Goes After Micah he is SO;O;O;O;O;O; Sexxxyyy... WIll but ugly


yeah really this cassandra thing is not cute is not funny i really dont see the point its so mean girl in high school they are doctors how silly can be that crazy disput


Micah is so sweet to Emily cause she makes him laugh and he can trust her and i bet he didn't tell anyone about his mom not even his STUPID DATE!! ugh i hope their not pulling Emily and Micah away cause i don't want this show to end (knock on wood) and not have Emily and Micah together... i love this show its so awesome and cute.. i want her to get over Will she needs to get over Will hes not for her.. MICAH IS!!! but i love this show!! its so good i hate Cassandra she's making me mad i don't know why she hates Emily but she needs to quit!


I like the show for the most part but am extremely dissapointed that in this day and age we are still teaching that bullying is OK. Cassandra is a bully plain and simple and Emily is portrayed as accepting it as just the way it is. Bullying is NOT OK. Teen suicides are not OK.


I love this show!


KEEP THIS SHOW! "The Outbreak" really shined! Emily and the series are getting their legs under them now, and I see great potential in both!


i love the chemistry between emily and micah! they are so cute! i feel like i can relate to emily in so many ways. and micah...i hope i find someone like him:) i dotn like will at all. he is a little full of himself and i have a feeling that he is the one spreading all of emily's secrets.


I absolutely love Emily! She is so relatable and just hilarious. I love Micah, and hope that we see more of him soon. I'm not a huge fan of Will, as he just rejected Emily and has a thing with Cassandra (who is clearly stuck in high school.. don't even get me started on that!). I hope this show doesn't get canceled, as I enjoy it so much! Can't wait til next week's episode!


what I like and dislike about this show:
Emily: relatable character sweet caring person with a heart
Will: I love him. I think he and emily would make a cute couple but true why would he want a complete bitch instead of someone like Emily. With all the crap he sees Cassandra do to Emily why would he pine for her who is such a bully to his best friend. don't get it at all.
Cassandra: TOTAL BITCH needs to go now!
Tyra: Nice but too gossipy and why does every show need to force the gay issue down our throats. sorry but tired of it.
Micah: Very sweet guy and i can tell they are going to do a love triangle with Emily and Will or square with Cassandra(kill her off)and forget the square.
Dr Bandari: like every other surgeon she is self absorbed and very dis-likeable. Hopefully she will get better.
Overall the show is pretty well done. Just get rid of Casandra.

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