Five Thoughts on Arizona, From Shonda Rhimes

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WARNING: If you haven't seen this week's episode (or last week's), turn back now.

Grey's Anatomy treated us to another powerful episode this week, and show creator Shonda Rhimes is weighing in with her thoughts on Jessica Capshaw's shocking new storyline. Five of them, to be exact.

Having already eulogized Mark Sloan, Shonda is now defending her decision to have Arizona's leg amputated. Follow the link for our Grey's Anatomy review from last night, then read Rhimes' take below.

Her five thoughts on Arizona Robbins losing her leg are ...

1. It felt real to me that Arizona would lose her leg.

That someone we love so much would go from being ambulatory to WORKING on being ambulatory, that we would begin to understand what it is like to be differently abled from watching a person we love BECOME differently abled.

2. To all those who posited that Arizona lost a leg because she’s a lesbian, I say: WHA….???!!! Or maybe I should say: “There was a second shooter on a grassy knoll, Area 51 isn’t just a myth and AIDS was created by the government.”

Or you know, “THAT IS INSANE!” We don’t punish people for their sexual preferences.

That is so 1985. We allow people, no matter what their sexual preference, to have complex storylines. Arizona is a lesbian who also happens to lose her leg in a plane crash. Why? Because

  1. Jessica Capshaw is an AWESOME KICKASS actor who deserves a chance to showcase what she has to bring to the table (fyi, as does Arizona’s wife - Sara Ramirez) and
  2. I felt it important to develop a storyline that detailed what happens when an able-bodied person loses a limb and then how that person resumes their life.

It’s upsetting to me that “disabled” is a word that never enters into a conversation about how we live our lives. So, y’know, if you think she lost a leg because she is a lesbian, I say “GET A LIFE.”

Or maybe “LOSE A LEG.” And then see how you feel about a sexy adorable person who happens to have a residual stump. Think about it. And then GET WITH THE PROGRAM. Please. Thank you.

For reasons 3-5, head on over to Shonda's blog ...

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Seriously why would anyone think that? I see no connection between Arizona's sexual preferences and her losing a leg in a plane crash. Next, Lexie died in a plane crash brutally because of the horrid bangs she had at the start of the season - true story O_O


Oh my god some people can really be ignorant, Arizona didn't get punished because she's a lesbian, COME ON. She didn't even get punished at all, she just happened to be in an accident, that's all. Btw, when I see Arizona and Callie, I don't see "lesbians", I see two awesome doctors who are great people and who share true love. Just like Meredith and Derek or other couples on the show.


Some people are idiots. Of course she didn't lose her leg cause of her sexual preference. I like reasons 3-5, but I am hoping we actually get to see it. So far we have seen Callie grieve Mark for 2 episodes and what to me seems like she is avoiding her wife cause she is not the same as she was pre crash. I am hoping that we get more screen time for the Arizona cause so far we know that she lost her leg and she is pissed at the world. Episode 2 for me did not more the story line along any or really explain anything that we all did not assume from episode 1. And I am hoping that as the season progresses that Callie and Arizona actually talk about their lives and relationship, and we actually see Arizona struggle and get "better" rather than see it through other people's opinions. Because so far i am not to hopeful. I think Shonda attempting to tell this kind of story is awesome, but I really hope she does it justice and doesn't take the easy way out like it seems she does all the time. Now that Mark is no longer in the picture I also hope that we get to see Callie and Arizona function in a 2 person relationship and how they tackle parenting Sofia.


Why would anyone think she would lose a leg because she is a lesbian? LOL... Bad things happen to good and bad people all the same no matter your sexual preference.