Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Remember the Time"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our Grey's Anatomy review broke down "Remember the Time" in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff members Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have assembled for their weekly Q&A discussion.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Courtney: I LOVED Cristina telling Owen about the time in the forest while he gave her a bath. Spectacular acting by Sandra Oh once again. Talking about the animals trying to eat Lexie and the bugs in Arizona's leg... heartbreaking stuff right there. Girlfriend already needs an Emmy for Grey's Anatomy Season 9 and it's only Episode 2.

Christina: Bailey: "All I keep thinking is that we are going to crash on a tropical island and get attacked by a polar bear." Sigh, I still miss LOST.

Sean: Cristina listening to a message from Meredith and calling her to tell her she was her person. These two are just made for each other.

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2. Of the survivors, whose life is changing the most?

Courtney: The obvious answer is Arizona, but I'm going with Yang. She's always been the tough one and able to handle crazy situations. She operated with a shooter there, she was there for the bomb explosion. She has always been one to thrive in stressful situations. But how much can she handle before she actually breaks? Between being with her father when he passed, Burke getting shot then later leaving her, 007, Teddy's husband, operating with a shooter, the bomb... something has got to give. I'm thinking the tough Cristina we once knew is gone.

Christina: Arizona. What is she going to do?! Callie was right: the old Arizona is clearly gone. 

Sean: Cristina because she just doesn't have the same coping capabilities as Meredith. And being in the new place without that support system? She's gone through so many crazy things that it's going to be hard to be the exact same Cristina we once knew.

3. Did you get all of the answers you were looking for or do you think that too many plot holes were left open?

Courtney: Ehhh... not really. I would have liked to see Cristina get better and out of the hospital as well as some type of explanation about Mark's issues. I felt like the Arizona and Derek arc were wrapped up nice though.

Christina: No, like Courtney, I wanted and found myself needing to know more about Mark's digressing condition.

Sean: I think it did a decent job with what happened, but I'm more interested in seeing the characters overcome the situation. It was such a dramatic turn of events that I'm curious to see how everyone moves forward.

4. Do you think Cristina will come back to SGH? If so, why and when?

Courtney: She has to, it's not the same without her! She will be back because her people are at SGH... her husband, her best friend, her life. Plus, she really doesn't fit in at her new hospital so it will only be a matter of time until she has had enough. I'm guessing by episode five she will be back to being Yang, the legend.

Christina: Of course Cristina will eventually be back. With the way things are looking for her, I'll give it one to two more episodes for her return.

Sean: Yes, this is Grey's Anatomy. They can prolong it all they want but she belongs there. I've never doubted that she'll be back.

5. Mark Sloan had a proper send off. Lexie? Not so much. She has hardly been mentioned in the first two episodes of the season. What's the deal?

Courtney: It's almost like she didn't exist! Although, she had a sad sendoff in the finale, she deserves more than a quick mention here and there. She was Mer's sister, Derek's sister in law and mentee at one point, Sloan's love, and Jackson's girlfriend. I would like to see how they react to the loss of this important character. 

Christina: It's messed up! I loved Lil' Grey, and she deserved so much more than a mention here or there. I'm still not sure why the writers didn't try to at least include a scene or two with her in the season premiere along with Sloan's flashbacks.  

Sean: I feel like her send off was in the season finale. It was well done and as sad as it was it closed her chapter. I think if they spent more time with Lexie again, it could have taken away from Sloan's goodbye.

What do you all think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Share your responses in the comments below!


lets see if christina will be able to handle everything in order after what happened. and same with Arizona if she'll be all different. Will she still be Ms. Opinionated?


I also think Lexie deserves better than to be eaten up by animals.


GA is still around for a reason. It still has a lot of loyal fans. There's always a select few that put in their two cents every year, wishing the show would end already. Go find another show to complain about if you dislike Greys so much.


Within the last week, I have read on spoiler sites that Arizona will have a surprise someone who helps her in her situation. I was disappointed to read that, as I was hoping that the someone would be Alex. However, I have seen so many posters asking on these sites & Twitter about a certain someone. I have absolutely nothing to go on but it hit me this morning, maybe the reason why we have heard nothing about this someone is, because it will be Jerry, the pilot to help Arizona. There has been zero written/said about him - Cristina said nothing about the pilot to Owen. Could it be that he is the surprise familiar someone to help her seeing he couldn't feel his legs when we last saw him & Arizona sat underneath the his window. Just askin' ... imo, it would be way cool.


To SA.. I hear you... more than that I think now it has become too gimmicky. GA's best times didn't include fancy musicals and time jumps--just great story telling.


1. Fave scene - toss up between Owen calming Cristina down the first time he saw her; and the last scenes leading to "You're my person".
2. Calzona! Obviously it's a long road for Arizona and her leg, but I'm ecstatic that they're giving Sara Ramirez good material to show her acting chops.
3. Not really plot holes but gaps - how they were rescued, Lexie's funeral and how everyone seems to have already moved on from her death, or why Mark Sloan seemed unaffected by it. Also in general I didn't like the multiple time jumps. It wasn't that they were confusing--I just thought they were unecessary.
4. Definitely. I think she'll be fired. She doesn't belong in that other place.
5. Absolutely agree! Awkward pauses when she's mentioned during conversations is not enough. Her death affects so many people. She should have had a "tribute" epi like Mark. And I thought the animals eating her was a bit distasteful.


1.Webber and Bailey helping Mer reunite with Zola. Mer's traumatic experience and devastation was clear to see, but she went into mommy mode. Also wise Mer's phone message for Cris.
2.Cris is working in a hospital where she can't be herself, she's at odds with everyone else. Get why she went, but Cris has chosen the wrong place to work
3.How Mer became Medusa
4.By the Christmas break
5.There have been hints about Mer's grief over Lexie will come to the fore when it's the MerCris episode. Lexie deserves that, but Mer's miscarriage was mentioned only in passing after it happened, so..


i was wondering when will GA show dr grey's breakdown. we all know that she is tough and had her ways of coping with tragedies in her life. i loved the scene where dr yang & dr grey attempted to get past their fear of flying. i am sure that dr yang will be back in sgmw hospital. how did dr yang got out of the cockoo's nest? i think arizona will have a harder getting better, so, tough times ahead for dr torres. as for dr mc dreamy, what's next? could she get dr grey back to neuro again? jackson is now the plastic surgeon, april is back & karev did not go to hopkins. so, what's next? is dr model coming back? these keeps me glued to the show more and more


favorite scene had to be cristina telling owen what happened in the woods..
i kinda agree that cristina has got it really bad.. i mean yes arizona lost her leg but she has a great family/support system trying to help her. Cristina on the other hand always goes through these horrible things and now she left so she has no support system.
of course cristina will come back to sgmw.. i really want them to show more about the grief for lexie.. *come on writers make me cry*


1. Best scene was with Mer and Christina- I'm your person. They clearly are. 2. Arizona's life changed the most. I just hope that they do it nicely. I really don't want her to be a moaning myrtle. 3. Everything was answered well enough... Even if Eric Dane decided to stay, it would have been very hard for them to explain how he made such an amazing recovery. He had a life threatening cardiac tamponade and his chances of survival was slim. So I feel that this burst they talked about was very plausible. 4. Yes she will be back. There is no question about it. At all. It will likely happen in the Mer/Chrstina centric episode that will air in early November. It will likely end with Christina pitching up at Mer's house needing a place to stay or something. 5. Again Lexie's death will be dealt with in the Mer/Chrstina centric ep. If chyler agreed to do one or two eps like Eric than maybe there could have changed the way she died and made it more meaningful.

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