The CW Confirms Gossip Girl Finale Date, Plans Two-Hour Farewell

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We now know the date on which Gossip Girl will be signing off for good.

The CW confirmed today a December 17 series finale for the long-running drama, which will bid viewers one final "XOXO" with a just-announced TWO-HOUR episode.

Moreover, in news broken by TV Line, the network will air a special retrospective immediately prior to the installment.

Blair, Lily and Chuck

Not a great deal is known about the final Gossip Girl episode, except its title ("I Love You, New York XOXO"); the return of Jenny and Eric; and, oh, right, the possibility that we'll meet Chuck and Blair's son.

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i thought it was a 2hour finale. i watched it it was only 40 minutes now last time i checked tht wasnt even an hour. there couldnt have been 1hr 20 mins of adverts or something


@b, Exactly well you said and explained, anyone can be a GG! But the question remains - why he or she became GG, and why in most cases, the main target of GG was Serena?


Anyone could be Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl gets her information through tips which explains how she or he could do it from anywhere and he she can have the blast uploaded with a timer allowing him her to be somewhere else as Serena did when she was Gossip Girl


@Georgia, Season finale is on Monday December 17, from 8-10 PM ECT!


the season finale is on a saturday??


My guess GG would be Nelly Yuki or Scott (Rufus and Lily's love child).


I just realized that Juliet can't be gossip girl because I'm watching a clip from season 4 when Dan and Blair are looking for Juliet.... And remember when they asked gossip girl where Juliet is and she leaded her to Damin? So like if gossip girl is Juliet why would she lead dan and Blair to her home town? To look for her :|?


It will be sad when GG says a final goodbye to his faithful audience, but all good things comes to an end. It seems that in 2 hours of the last episode accommodated a lot, besides the 6x10 episode, there are it looks like and interviews of actors! Now how many 6x10 episode will last and how many interviews the question remains? But since this is farewell it will probably be half and half. Then follows a retrospective of the most beautiful moments in all seasons. Looks like you were right @Lexball, about 1 hour episode and about 1 hour interviews of actors.


I don't want to know who gossip girl is either. Whoever this is, it won't be realistic. And a dair wedding? really? lol


This is my guess on the last episode of the series involving the plane crush, the gang will finally able to track down the location of Gossip Girl, then they will follow her/him, and before they knew it she/he will board the plane of the Basses and then it will crash. Leaving us answered who really is Gossip Girl. As I see it anyone can be GG, but having it that way (GG will die of plane crash), people behind the series don't have to give the identity of GG. No sweat.

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