Gossip Girl Finale Set Photos, Take 3: Meet Henry!

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You know the drill by now. Below are some photos from the set of the Gossip Girl finale.

The finale which does not air until December 10, and wraps up the CW show for good.

The finale which, therefore, contains some potentially life-altering revelations.

WARNING: Consider yourself prepared, because spoilers lie head.

Okay. Remember those rumors that Chuck and Blair have a kid who is revealed in some sort of flash forward? Well, here he is ... if that's even the character the youngster shown here is playing.

Considering there's another character on the show who already has a son, it's far from guaranteed that this cutie is the future offspring of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. But anything's possible!

According to (unsubstantiated) online reports, that's who it is, and his name is Henry. Aww. He certainly looks the part with the purple bowtie. Take a look at some photos of the toddler here:

GG Kid
GG Kid 3
GG Kid 2
GG Kid 4

The major buzz this week is that Chair gets married on the 10th and final episode of Gossip Girl Season 6 - an event shown with some clarity in these Gossip Girl finale set photos. Or is it all a dream?

Another duo is reportedly tying the not ... or so these Dan-Serena pics would have you believe. It could all be a ruse to keep us guessing, or a fantasy sequence. And now there's "Henry," if that's his name.

What do you think? Is this really Chuck and Blair's kid? Or is there another explanation you think is more likely? Share your theories - or evidence, if you have any - in the comments below!

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In the movieCharade Audery Hepburn's character want to name her sons using all of the aliases her husband used Blair idolizes Audery so it makes sense that Blair would name her son Henry which is an alias Chuck used


I am so happy that chuck and blair will have a son. CHAIR FOREVER!!!!


why on earth would chuck and blair call their son henry? as the fake name chuck went with when he was with fleur delacour? wouldn't want my son to remind me of that


Seems unlikely that Milo would be with Lily, so it's either Chuck's child or Bart's.


Does anyone know if the finale is going to be a 2 hr episode?


Ugh the devil's spawn!


Although I do admit this show as a whole it's more unreliable than its characters and they could be tricking us, the certain thing is that the kid has common features with both Chuck and Blair. Also, I read in the forums that the information in Twitter is that the fans that met the little actor and his mother heard when one of them told him he looked just like Chuck and he said he knew it and his mother had to put her hand over his mouth to stop him from saying more. He's dress with purple accents so that would be unusual if he's to be a half brother instead of a son (some even say the bowtie is the same one or a similar one to the one Chuck was using during the Victrola and limo scenes with Blair back in 1x7).


Chuck and Blair's son is SO cute!!!!!!


@pty, I agree, they wouldn't invest money and time to just fool the audience with these foilers, maybe a part of it is a foiler but no everything that has leaked, but on the other hand it sucks that the producers would this many pictures and videos to be leaked what's the interest of watching the finale now... And I also agree with someone who mentioned that the baby bass is not actually Chuck and Blair's it is Bart Bass's son from Amira and that's his big secret... Well in general I was hoping for another sort of wrap up in the last season I feel like they are rushing things and squeezing everything into the last two episodes the whole past 5 years


Among the many problems with the idea that all these leaks were released to foil us, is the fact that is too much money and time thrown to produce something that wouldn't be used in the show, specially considering that like some have said, this is a show that pretty much got a shortened last season of only 10 episodes out of courtesy. With dissmal ratings for whatever reason and even part of the cast anxious to bolt out of there, who is going to put this much effort into a foiler?

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