The CW Confirms Gossip Girl Finale Date, Plans Two-Hour Farewell

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We now know the date on which Gossip Girl will be signing off for good.

The CW confirmed today a December 17 series finale for the long-running drama, which will bid viewers one final "XOXO" with a just-announced TWO-HOUR episode.

Moreover, in news broken by TV Line, the network will air a special retrospective immediately prior to the installment.

Blair, Lily and Chuck

Not a great deal is known about the final Gossip Girl episode, except its title ("I Love You, New York XOXO"); the return of Jenny and Eric; and, oh, right, the possibility that we'll meet Chuck and Blair's son.

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@ jarrod mitchel..really? a dair wedding i dont see even a remote possiblity of that! lol


I'd like to see a Kirsten Bell in the finale


So is it a 2 hour episode and a retrospective or a retrospective and a regular hour long episode


Yay! I hope it's not really one hr off interview n one hr of the actual episode. In either case can't wait! And on they have josh schwartz confirming that while there's a lot of spoilers out ,the show did a lot to throw people and paparazzi off . In other words you can't be sure if what we're seeing is legit. This stress of it all is giving me a headache lol


Can't wait!!!! i want to see chuck and blair's wedding and baby bass. I have to admit i don't care about the other characters. I just want to see chuck and blair happy.


@Laura, Episode 6x04 will be aired 5th November, the schedule shifts for one week. After all, look at the top of the page, TV Fanatic has already announced time of broadcast.


With the hope of a Dair wedding. ;)


Do you guys know when 6x04 will air?


So we get 2 hours of gossip girl? Then we get maybe an hour of a special ? YESSS that's 3 hours worth of Gossip girl :D I really just want to watch the finale already like its sad its ending but I'm so excited for how everything will finally tie up :D


So sad,that this show is ending. But can't wait for the finale though.

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And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell ... You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl

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