Gossip Girl Finale Rumor: Do Chuck and Blair Have a Kid?!

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While Gossip Girl Season 6 premiere spoilers abound, the series endgame is still largely a mystery. With 10 episodes to go, your guess is as good as ours how things play out before the show takes its final bow.

Here's a little teaser regarding the final episode, though: A three-year-old boy with dark hair and eyes has been cast on it. Could be nothing, but you don't see a lot of toddlers on Gossip Girl, so it makes you wonder ...

Could there be a flash forward in the GG series finale? And the little guy is their son?

Just one theory, among other possible explanations. Dorota just had her second child, a son, and there's also Georgina's son Milo, once believed to be Dan's offspring. So the Chair baby idea is pure speculation.

Who do you think it is, and how do you want the series to end? Discuss!

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oh my god a chair baby would be the perfect ending!I'm really hoping for a happy ending for chuck and blair. A skip forward showing how all the characters lives are would be great but I would not want a new generation. No one could replace the GG cast:)


Baby bass :))))) i want to see my chuck and blair as a happy family pls




He's probably Dan's son.


A little Chair baby would be spectacular!!!!!(:


@ Elisa, now we understand each other, I realized it was a picture of the child and Georgina on a park bench. I agree with you, there will probably be a time jump into the future and that would be the perfect ending!


@Zoran, I guess there was a misunderstanding. The 10-year-old I was referring to was the kid of the picture with Georgina in the park. I know that Milo is almost 3 years old, but I thought that you were saying that the kid sitting on the bench was Milo... sorry, my fault! :)
I think that maybe there will be a timejump in the last episode or in the special one. That would be the best ending.


Gossip Girl wouldn't just skip ahead to show the future for GEORGINA!! She is NOT a main character on the other hand blair and chuck are. I'm sure all of us would want to know what lies in their future. PLEASE WRITERS......CHAIR!!!


@ Elisa, looks like you made a mistake, Georgina’s child has exactly three years since he was born at the beginning of season 4, it can not have 10 years! And if you think of the picture of Georgina and child on a park bench, it is possible that the child sitting next to Georgina for no reason and the team waited for the actor who plays Dan comes to shooting. Because after that, besides Georgina in the same place sitting Dan. I do not know everybody like that is Chuck and Blair’s child and I do not mind, but I think there is not much time to tell that the two of them had a child. The story of the child will be broadcasted in episode 6x10 or Special, and now is being recorded episode 6x10, possibly with a time jump into the future? It remains to be seen in December.

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