Gossip Girl Round Table: "Dirty Rotten Scandals"

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Welcome back, once again, to TV Fanatic's weekly Gossip Girl Round Table Q&A discussion! Below, our panelists break down all aspects of last night's Gossip Girl episode, "Dirty Rotten Scandals."

In our Q&A session, TVF CEO Eric Hochberger (Gossip Guy), editor Steve Marsi (Mister Meester) and staff members Courtney Morrison and Leigh Raines share their opinions on Monday's events.

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Courtney: "My back is up against the wall, and not in a hot Chuck Bass kind of way." Gotta love Blair Waldorf.

Eric: No G? No favorite Gossip Girl quotes.

Leigh: Chuck coming to Blair's rescue at the atelier after she fainted. It was such a rare purely sweet moment between them, proving they are not just sex and scheming.

Steve: Leigh's use of "atelier" above. Best-written line of the week. That scene was also the most significant of the episode, plot-wise, which isn't saying a lot. Nice moment for the couple, whether they're "together" or not.

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2. Dan going dark: Long overdue or over the line?

Courtney: A little bit of both. He has been walked on and taken advantage of enough in the past that it is about time he grows a set. But his own father as his first public take down? That's where I draw the line.

Eric: Long overdue. I'm proud of my little outsider. I don't blame him. That little stunt Blair has basically pulled with him? Hell hath no fury like a Lonely Boy scorned.

Leigh: Both. It should be called Snapped: Dan Humphrey Edition. Really upset that he did Rufus and Nate dirty. Not liking this. I mean, Rufus and Ivy eww but still, he's always loved and supported Dan.

Steve: I don't have a problem with the book. He's a writer and if it's the truth and a great story, let him use it to bolster his career. Where I thought he crossed the line was selling out Nate, and in not apologizing to Rufus. "Dad, I'm sorry I published the story and didn't tell you, let's move on." That would've sufficed, but his ego is way too big at this point.

3. Harder to believe: Sage playing Serena and Blair, or anyone thinking that was actually risque.

Courtney: How to choose? S and B ran the UES at Sage's age, of course they should have realized what was going on. I don't think anyone would find that risque, especially in the fashion world. And I definitely don't think people would walk out on a show because of it.

Eric: Definitely thinking that movie was risque. I've seen Kendall Jenner bikini photos get less flak.

Leigh: Sage playing Serena and Blair. I am SO OVER HER. She's boring and bratty. I'm sorry but there is nobody who is "ten times worse than high school Serena." Implausible. SVDW is one of a kind.

Steve: I get that Sage used her father's relationship with Serena as leverage, but it was still a stretch. Not as much as of one as the idea that her display on the runway would make a New York crowd recoil in abject horror, but a stretch. Anyone who's been to New York Fashion Week knows you'll see far more than that on a nightly basis.

4. More uncomfortable couple to watch: Nate and 17-year-old Sage, or Rufus and con artist Ivy?

Courtney: I can't believe I am saying this... Nate and Sage. At least Ivy is of age!! Nate is the head of a media company that runs stories like the one he is currently in. I just can't imagine Nate would risk all of that for this brand new girl. Especially when he has already been with Vanessa. I mean let's face it, Sage looks just like her. In the UES princess sort of way.

Eric: Rivy for sure. Rufus is a weird emotionless robot puppy around her. It's awkward enough watching them from my couch. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must have been for Dan to walk in on.

Leigh: This is terrible, I hate them both. I guess Rufus and Ivy is just extra messed up and entertaining at least. See above: I want Sage gone.

Steve: I have to take Nage, because I don't see why Nate is so into her, and because of the age thing. Dating a 17-year-old is one thing, but openly talking about stripping her naked just feels a little strange.

5. What will Blair and Chuck find in their quest to take down Bart?

Courtney: I really hope it has nothing to do with Chuck's mom/aunt/or whoever. I have to admit, I'm not that invested in this story yet. And I love me some Chuck Bass. It better be something great to have taken up this much  time of the final season.

Eric: Another incredibly lame reason not to be together.

Leigh: I actually have no idea where this storyline is going, but I assume some kind of dirty business deal. This is Bart Bass we're talking about, he got revived from the dead. I'm not sure the writers can shock us anymore when it comes to him.

Steve: Hopefully something interesting. One gets the sense they are running out the clock with this storyline. When and how will Chair get together for good? Is this anything more than a vehicle to reach that end or will it be entertaining on its own merit? Hopefully the latter, but how much do we really care about Bart at this point?

6. Gossip Girl Season 6 so far: Thumbs up or down?

Courtney: Blair/Chuck/Nate - Thumbs Up. Dan/Georgina/Adults - Thumbs Down. I'm thinking the end of the season will get a thumbs up if all of the spoilers I've seen come true.

Eric: Going one thumb up. Relative to last season? I may need to borrow some thumbs. Not a huge fan of the Chair and Rivy storylines, but loving the rest of the gang's adventures. I just need more G.

Leigh: Thumbs up, minus last week. I just need Blerena back together. You wanna know who I ship? I ship Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen as besties.

Steve: Can I punt this until the coming weeks reveal more of where the season is going? I liked the premiere a lot, with its great dialogue and intriguing premise. Since then it's lost some steam. Too many distractions and stories I'm having a hard time getting invested in, unfortunately.

7. In light of the recent Gossip Girl spoilers, share your updated endgame predictions.

Courtney: Blair and Chuck are getting married. For sure. Whether a cop comes and carts him off is a different story. But believe me, those vowels are getting said. Serena is going to end up with either Steven or Nate... there is no Humphrey in her future. Eric is going to be revealed as GG and Jenny will come back with him to remind us that raccoon eyes are still out of style.

Eric: I desperately try to avoid Gossip Girl spoilers, but when you work with enough TV Fanatics you're bound to hear something about all these wedding dresses. Obviously a Chair wedding. And if there's a Gossip Girl reveal, like Courtney, my money is still on Eric. So Serena is in a wedding dress supposedly? I smell a trick again.

Leigh: I really don't see how Serena could marry Dan after the way he's been treating her. It just doesn't make sense. Maybe it's a foiler and she really marries Nate? I have to believe that there were scenes filmed in studio that we didn't see. They wouldn't just leak everything. That said, I definitely think there is a flash forward after seeing that adorable little mini-Chuck running around on set. I think it will end with the reveal of GG, some romances, families reunited and with Dan and a successful author but not from being a d-bag.

Steve: A focus on the CORE CHARACTERS, and a happy ending for all. Is that too much to ask?

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Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.


1. Nothing 2. Long overdue douchebagness is all I can say about this guy. 3. Anyone thinking that was risque. It was simply ridiculous. 4. Actually Nate and Sage, I guess its because she is in high school and I am used to seeing Nate bang women twise his age. 5. The obvious - Chuck's mother. 6. Undecided. Very average episodes like they are trying very hard not to completely piss us off. 7. What Steve said.


I can't stand Rufus and Ivy, they are boring and gross. He is such an idiot, has he learned nothing living with Lily? As for Nate and Sage, yuck! This is pretty much the most uncomfortable and awkward coupling on the show's history, not only because she looks like child, is in high school, and he looks like a creep, but because her acting is terrible. I don't think Serena is so bad this season. I can understand why she might not want to deal with Blair or all that drama. I just don't believe Sage could outsmart both Serena and Blair. Please get rid of her and gives us some NJBC and no more jerk-face Humphrey! He should definitely suck it!


Nate and Sage scenes are just plain weird and awkward to watch, I really do not get why Nate likes her, she reminds me soo much of Vanessa not just in looks but also the fact that her character is annoying and pointless.
As for Rufus and Ivy, I cant believe that Rufus could really be that dumb, like really..it makes no sense.
I liked the season premiere but now its getting kinda ridiculous, I still love the show but I really hope it gets better from here.


now i'm thinking ivy as gossip girl


The only problem I have with this season is that a secondary character(Sage) is taking the attention away from the core characters and that the writers are using their core characters as props for her storyline why would they make the heriones of their show easily bested by a newbie when Serena should have known what she was up to Blair being fooled by her I can understand but not Serena and then having Nate who wouldnt be with Jenny because of her age when he was only a few years older then her sleep with and date her a minor no less is out of character beside we all know he loves cougars not cubs


The Chuck and Blair scene was perfection during the first season Chuck said so that's your bed asking expecting sex for helping Blair then in the 2nd season After Bart died Blair found Chuck sitting on her bed and she consoled him and he left before she woke up because she deserved a man not a childish boy now that he is that man he can be there to comfort her without selfish motivation and their relationship is more than physical to him that's why he didnt have sex with and sleep on top of the blanket


The Chuck and Blair scene was perfection during the first season Chuck said so that's bed asking expecting sex for helping Blair then in the 2nd season After Bart died Blair found Chuck sitting on her bed and she consoled him and he left before she woke up because she deserved a man not a childish boy now that he is that man he can be there to comfort her without selfish motivation and their relationship is more than physical to him that's why he didnt have sex with and sleep on top of the blanket


5. It would be good if the writers put that Blair and Chuck discover some truly amazing secret about Bart and not to be at the end of a story that does not have any meaning.
6. The only fair and proper end of GG is a double wedding - Serena and Dan and Chuck and Blair. Also, Lily and Rufus and Nate and Jenny should finally be together. It is only right and it makes sense to link the story from first to last season.


3. It was easy for Sage to deceive Serena and Blair as the two of them did not expect it from Sage. Simply Serena and Blair are so preoccupied with himself that nothing else is important. Needs more time to heal the wounds that have occurred at the end of season 5.
4. I do not even bother of Nate and Sage, as well as Rufus and Ivy. As for Nate and Sage nothing new, Nate is acting as usual. As well as too much time is being spent on a new character Sage. And Rufus and Ivy so much fun, let's have fun Rufi with young and beautiful Ivy, may learn something new of each other.


1. I agree with Courtney, Blair knows how to express, but I prefer Serena's statement - Suck it Humphrey!
2. It has already been announced that Dan in this season would totally go in to the dark side, and it would not be anything unusual that Dan again strikes without looking at who is the victim! His first victim was his father - Rufus, once again, without a valid reason as last time. Looks like Dan and Serena have something important together beyond love, and that is - they both have a poor relationship with their fathers. However that would not last long, because when Dan’s new book fail and he will too touch the bottom. And then there is only Serena to save him!

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