Grey's Anatomy Episode Preview: "Beautiful Doom"

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Grey's Anatomy airs a new episode this week in the Kevin McKidd-directed "I Saw Her Standing There."

ABC has also released the synopsis for the following installment, "Beautiful Doom." It reads:

As Meredith and Cristina rely on each other as they cope with increasing responsibilities at their respective hospitals and cope with life after the plane crash; Cristina helps Dr. Thomas with a challenging heart surgery.

The previously teased Meredith/Cristina-centric episode should be interesting indeed.

The episode airs November 8, 2012. Click to enlarge some pics below:

Green Scrubbing In
Mer, Owen and Zola
Mer and Lil Zola
Smiling Callie

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Really missed seeing Grey's Anatomy last night (Nov.1); though the CMA's are fun, really no substitute for the Grey's special brand of drama. What? Only X Factor and The Voice on a Thursday night...that would be a terrible trend that must not happen any time soon. Guess we must wait for Nov. 8, after the most important election of our lives, to see what's up at Seattle Grace. I for one am holding my breath on both accounts! May the best man win! AND may all the doctors and interns figure out who, what, where and when they will pick up the pieces of their lives and move forward with our President. Can you say an-ti-ci-pa-tion like Frank'n Furter said so brilliantly in Rocky Horror? Let's do that Grey's Anatomy dance...again and this time with all appropriate gusto wew have come to love!!


Shonda Rhimes wrote this episode. Hope she show us how much she Loved the Lexie character. Because so far I haven't been feeling the love this season!


Oh hell, I fell in love with William Daniels' acting when he was on Broadway starring in 1776 (and yes, that rather dates me). He has marvelous chemistry with Sandra Oh and I'd love to see him at SG/MW.


I'm really liking Dr Thomsa now. I think he's a bit more genuine than Parker. Where's Der then, investigating the plane crash??
Mer looks busy, busy.I hope her 'meltdown' isn't going to have lasting implications for Mer's career.


super excited!!
so glad that cristina and thomas found common ground and are now good working together..
so cute how a lot of characters are taking care of zola


Oh how stupid can you get, serial killer lover. Get a life. Whiner.


@Becca: I agree. It should be Arizona's funeral and Callie going through the grieving process.


Wow Sarah. That was quite a commercial for Dish.


who else thinks Dr. Tomas is die in this episode. GA is kidda predictable with these type of things.


@becca I couldn't agree more! Haha


Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

Meredith: This is a cry for help.
Cristina: No, this is a cry for an orgasm.

The clothes a surgeon wears help to present an image. The lab coats and badges and scrubs all work together to indicate a person of authority, someone you can trust. When the clothes come off, that's a different story. We're sensitive, lonely, human.