Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery & Synopsis: "Love the One You're With"

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ABC has released promotional photos for the third episode of Grey's Anatomy's ninth season, "Love the One You're With." In it, Steven Culp debuts as Dr. Parker, a doctor working closely with Cristina.

For how long is an open question.

According to the official episode synopsis, "the survivors from the crash are asked to make an almost impossible decision that will affect the rest of their lives." Gulp.

Meanwhile, "tension grows between Jackson and April after they're forced to work together, and Alex tries to restrain himself with one of the interns." Sounds intense.

The episode airs Thursday, October 18 (the show is off October 11 due to the vice presidential debate).

Click to enlarge images from the upcoming installment below and be sure to check out our brand new Grey's Anatomy Round Table for more in-depth coverage of last week's season premiere ...

Steven Culp on Grey's
Calliope Torres Photo
Yang on the Phone
Cristina on the Phone
Doctor Cristina Yang Photo
Talking With Cristina
Drs. Yang and Parker
Yang and Parker
Yang's New Boss

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They have all went through a terrible situation at the least. Everyone needs to take a moment and realize what life is all about, who you truly love and what really matters!! I love this show and all the characters. I do wish the 2nd episode would have been the first for the season, it was a little confusion seeing the after crash screens after knowing Mark had died, Christian had moved away, Arizona had lost her leg and Owen when to retrieve Kipner then try to recap. So, where do we stand now?


Holliez that's a good thought! I could see that having to do with it. Maybe they have to go back to the wreckage for something. Maybe something of Marks or Lexies? I don't know


Trying to figure out the impossible decision which will affect the rest of their lives. Is that to do with Der being seen at the reassembled plane that crashed? Perhaps they'll be asked to travel on a plane?
I hope Alex's intern is not too reminicent of Izzie in looks or character. I'd hope he'd hook up with an attending


what the heck?? no grey's on the 11th we wait months for the premiere.. they keep on killing people off and now they want us to wait a week??


Callie looks sad :(


No GA 11th???? Nooooooooooooo :( I can't wait for Japril!


Um, didn't we see Steven Culp in the premiere? So he doesn't exactly make his debut in the 3rd episode...

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Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 3 Quotes

I can not get used to having them in the attending's lounge.


Glad you're back.


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