Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Going Going Gone"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our Grey's Anatomy season premiere review broke down "Going Going Gone" in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff members Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have assembled for their weekly Q&A discussion.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene from the premiere?

Courtney: Tough one. On the emotional side, definitely Derek and Callie holding Mark's hands as he passed away. On a lighter note, I loved Cristina FaceTime-ing with Meredith and talking about what a train wreck of a surgery she was watching. It doesn't matter what city you put that girl in. She is always going to be funny.

Christina: I probably cried the hardest during the scene with Mark holding Sofia. I'm a sucker for emotionally-draining moments though so that scene was my favorite. It was all just so utterly heartbreaking.

Sean: There were a lot of good scenes, but I liked when Alex came back to sit at the bar with Meredith. Not only did it lighten her up, but it reaffirmed the bond the original cast had, even if Christina was on the iPad screen.

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2. There's a new set of interns. Do you care at all or are there already enough members of the cast?

Courtney: I don't care too much about the interns, we have enough people to focus on already. But like I said in my review, I am very excited to see Gaius Charles on the show.

Christina: Like Sean, I'm cool with the interns because it gives the us the opportunity to see the residents in such a different light. I mean, Meredith as Medusa is going to be awesome. Also, it appears we are all FNL fans here. Can Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins come on board, too?

Sean: There are a lot of cast members aren't there? I don't mind the interns as it gives the current cast a new role to play, but we'll see how they're utilized. Although, I am a Friday Night Lights fan, so like Courtney, I'm excited to see what Gaius Charles will get to do on the show.

3. How long until Cristina returns to Seattle Grace, if at all?

Courtney: Cristina has to return! She doesn't really fit in to well in the hospital of happy faces and team work, does she? It's only a matter of time until she misses the dysfunction and mess back in Seattle and returns home to her person and Owen.

Christina: I'm thinking we see Cristina back where she belongs in Seattle by episode three.

Sean: She definitely will come back. She has to. Alex stuck around, so it's only a matter of time where she decides she needs to go back to her original crew. That said, it will be interesting actually getting to see her at her current hospital. I mean, she gets to work with Mr. Feeny!

4. Arizona lost her leg! What effect does this have on her relationship with Callie?

Courtney: This totally blindsided me! I kept wondering where she was the whole episode, and up until the end, I thought she might have died. Arizona is definitely angry with Callie about it and this is going to cause some major problems. Especially since Callie is the Ortho Queen. If anyone would have been able to save her leg, it would have been her wife. Arizona will definitely return to work, but she will no longer be the fun peds doc that roller skates around. I'm guessing this changes her outlook quite a bit and we will be seeing a different side of Dr. Robbins.

Christina: I swear my jaw dropped. Poor Arizona! I hope she can find the strength she needs sooner than later because it seems as though Callie is going to need her more than ever. Vice versa!

Sean: I had a feeling she wasn't dead despite everyone saying sorry to Callie, especially when no other person actually said Arizona was dead. Losing a leg, dealing with the plane crash, etc. is such a hugely dramatic change that I'm not sure they might be able to have their relationship survive. It's tense enough that it's hard to see the love they once had. It's going to be a tumultuous ride for them.

5. Goodbye, McSteamy. Bid farewell to one of the hottest docs to ever grace our screens.

Courtney: Mark Sloan, you were a great doctor, teacher, and friend. It was way too soon to say goodbye to you, especially since you leave behind two daughters. But you made your mark in Seattle and you will always be remembered. Your chiseled jaw and gorgeous eyes will never be forgotten. Your infamous "McSteamy" scene will keep you living on forever.

Christina: McSteamy, I miss you so much already. It really just won't be the same without you. I can't say that I ever cared too much for episodes with ghosts, but my mind is suddenly changed. I'd love to see you and Lexie together again someday.

Sean: Damn. Still kind of can't believe he died. Mark Sloan, you were the charming, cocky, charismatic doctor with just as much heart as you had in the ability to pick up chicks. There was a reason you were called McSteamy and a reason you headed up the infamous Plastics Posse. You had an impact on everyone, so trust me, you'll never be forgotten.

What do you all think of the premiere? Share your responses in the comments below!


If a person is a true die hard fan of a show you don't stop watching or pout and act like a kid because they didn't save who you wanted them to save. Greys is my favorite show and always will be good seasons and bad seasons I'm still gonna watch because at the end of the day truth be told Greys Anatomy ROCKS!!!


I'm sort of surprised at Arizona's reaction to losing her leg. It's devastating, but she's dealt so cheerfully—from what we've seen and what she's said—with other events that this seem off. These other events were the death of her brother in Iraq (Afghanistan?), which we learned of when she said "that's great" to Callie's news that George was enlisting. Overall, I thought with was a very good episode. I liked that they picked up 3 months later to show the impact of the crash (though it was idiotic that no one knew that they had crashed until later that night; wouldn't the other hospital have called a SGMW main number if they couldn't reach Owen?!). I was sadder than I expected about Mark but sort of glad that he wouldn't have to live without Lexie. I wonder if their ghosts will show up in the hospital like so many others'!


1. Alex and Meredith in the bar. Best friendship on the show. Love them together. 2. More useless characters to add to the grating April/Avery overload? No interest at all. Make them go away. 3. I love Cristina. but if she returns for Owen, I'll have to hate her. Can't stand them together. 4. Don't miss Mark, and wouldn't miss AZ.


For all the folks wondering why Chyler/Lexie and Eric/Mark (as well as Kim Raver aka Teddy) had to go rather than a few lesser-known interns, it's because when a long-running show has to cut main cast for budgetary reasons they tend to go for the veterans who command the big paychecks. Money is also a reason why someshows get canceled even though the ratings are still okay -- the longer a show stays on the air, the more expensive it gets to produce.


True the episode was a downer I will miss Mark he was funny and light hearted. But I understand that he wanted to move on and so did CL for personal reasons I don't begrudge him that it’s his life. However, I am getting tired of Meredith and Cristina and this "friendship" it needs to be scaled back some I understand that Meredith wanted to be out of the hospital away from death after all she has her own grief but come on anyway I do believe that Cristina will be fired I though her bass was going to fire her right then I mean she was so disrespectful what doctor behaves that way and towards a beloved coworker sad really I would have hoped that she would at least dog him in private not in front of everybody and calling him a fossil not good it and for Bailey I do not like that new name BCB really so uncalled for how dare she be happy anyway I guess I will see what happens next I watch the show because of Owen/KMK and M.Bailey/ CW and I am really not sure about the rest time will tell


1. For the pure emotional factor - Callie and Derek at Mark's bed side. But for pure enjoyment - Alex, Mer and Christina at the bar. It was such a throw back! I kept wishing for Cristina to call him evil spawn. Another one I really liked was Alex and Mer. I think that in the last few seasons that friendship was pushed back, and it's a shame because it was always a strong one, so it was nice to see Mer actually upset that Alex is leaving without saying goodbye to her. It felt right.
2. WAY too many people. As much as i really want to see Gaius Charles, I really don't want to see anyone else. Every time they were on, I wanted them off.
3. She will, no way in hell she can stay in a place like Minnesota. I think that within the next 3-4 episodes she'll be back. I also think it will have a lot more to do with Owen then I would've liked.
4. I was so shocked! I so did not see this coming! That being said, it's going to bring a hell of a lot boring Callie - Arizona drama. It's going to boring and predictable to watch. Painful, also. I think that Callie and Arizona are fantastic characters, that are fantastically played - up until the moment they have problems with each other. It's always a bad storyline, and they become unbearably annoying to each other and the rest of the cast. I'm hoping for this to either break them up for good, or be over rather quickly..
5. Dear Mark. Your chiseled chest and fantastic bone structure are already missed.


1.Best was Alex's return to Mer and seeing out three original interns show they still have a strong bond
2.I'm watching to see which intern appears in every episode. That's what happened with Avery, who was always gonna be a season regular. But if Shonda's had to make cast cuts. how can she expand the main cast back to the size it was before? I'd like Mer to continue to terrify the interns for a while. I think Bailey is devastated she's lost her edge in frightening the interns.
3. Probably Cris return will coincide with the sweeps. She'll be back before the Christmas break
4. Arizona is in mourning for the loss of her leg, still at the very angry stage. This is very much a contrast to the sunny disposition she's played. Not good that Callie had to perform the surgery, I thought this wasn't allowed seeing as they're married. This will be a big hiccup in the Calazona marriage.
5. Eric Dane hasn't looked well for the past few seasons.


I think everyone needs to think about what they saw on Greys!
Grey DID NOT LEAVE her husband to be with 'her person' She ALREADY stated she knew Christina wasn't going to be at the airport. She left b/c SHE couldn't be at the hospital and wait for him to die! NOT because she needed to be with 'her person' Re-watch that scene people! She decided while she was talking where she was going. She just needed to leave! 4 HERSELF!


lemme tell you all that christina is going to freak out because she thinks Owen will come to her but he aint coming. I think she thinks owen had a planecrash


My favorite part of the episode was the scenes with Mark, Derek, and Callie. It was acted out perfectly by Patrick Dempsey and Sara Ramirez. You could feel their pain and grief! One scene in particular that I hated was when Meredith left Derek, her grieving husband, at the hospital to go be with her "person" Cristina! That was pathetic and it regressed Meredith's character several years! She ran from him and that is unacceptable! It ruined the entire episode for me!

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