Grey's Anatomy Promos: Never Looking Back

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Grey’s Anatomy returned last night with an emotional episode that left viewers questioning when it’s okay to settle and when it’s not. Read our Grey's Anatomy review for a breakdown of "Love the One You're With."

Next week, the emotional stakes are even higher for our beloved doctors of Seattle Grace.

Aware that Derek might never operate again, Meredith stops talking about the surgeries she's performing. Meanwhile, Richard calls on Dr. Catherine Avery to help with a procedure, as things heat up between Jackson and April.

Meanwhile, Arizona's struggle to accept her fate forces Callie and Alex to face their guilt.

Watch two promos for "I Saw Her Standing There" and comment below ...

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Dr Parker is perfect for Cristina right-O? "Being a team player" means screwing for surgeries in Dr. P's book. Betcha.


Kepvery seem to be having impulse sex. So are they pracicing safe sex, or is Kepner going to pregnant as part of her storyline?


Please get Derek's hand back to operating soon.. Christina back with Owen and Love scenes with Der/Mer and less C&M Persons - Husbands first....


Cristina seems sleeping with her boss ?? seriouly I can't take this any more! total out of character, she needs the sex? she's along in whole season 4
,she needs more surgry? she's not a intern!!


I love that MerDer are in a happy solid place and Mer as an attending is suiting her I want more medussa though.Christina I'm glad she's starting to move on but it's a heartbreaker I love Christina and Owen together I hope they fing their way back to each other soon.Dr.bailey she's awesome as always and Alex is alex.


Exactly Arizona is allowed to get angry and of course Callie gets it all in the face. I lived with someone who had legs deteriorating cause of a disease and it was the same. But what happened in the shower was a turn, even if Arizona might be angry for a little while longer, she's gonna learn how to walk again, she won't stay apathic on her chair/bed anymore.


PTSD.. in the mix of Arizona's brain which is why she is lashing out at Callie she's closer to Callie, "look it up" before judging Arizona's attitude she's not in control of her actions PTSD is taking the best of her she'll fight it but she needs Callie to stick it through no matter how hard it is.


I feel that callie cares more about what happened to mark then (derek & addie)do and that's not far bc he was derek brother/bff & addie love/bff/everything shonda pls make them feel (Also I'm so so excited to see april & jackson get 2gether finally a stable & sane relationship on grey pls don't mess it up we have meredith & yang for twisty & dark


Love love love Christina with the Chief @ Mayo...hope that is for real :) I feel for Arizona & understand that we all deal with loss in different ways. I've never liked Callie's character per se & resent her more when Grey's makes it seem Mark meant more to her than he did to Derek and Addison! Finally, why the pairing of April & Jackson? I find it as off putting as I would find an Addison and Sheldon pairing or a Jake & Violet pairing! Jackson is too hot for mousy irritating Kepner. She can try her luck with cheating Owen! #urgh! Rant over :)


Finally the grey's I fell in love with is back... Can't wait for next week... Love jackson n april... Excited to c what happens next... Plus my fav couple calzona... Shonda, if ur reading this by any chance n u ever have an opening for a love interest of callie please look me up... Its Salissa Blakk

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Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

Meredith: This is a cry for help.
Cristina: No, this is a cry for an orgasm.

The clothes a surgeon wears help to present an image. The lab coats and badges and scrubs all work together to indicate a person of authority, someone you can trust. When the clothes come off, that's a different story. We're sensitive, lonely, human.