Grey's Anatomy Review: The Heartbreak Hospital

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Grey’s Anatomy aired its second episode of the season with "Remember the Time," an installment that jumped back in time to right after the fatal plane crash and the days after. Although I knew it was coming, I was totally not prepared for it.

How much more tragedy can these doctors take? Seriously, it’s no wonder that Cristina couldn’t bear to handle the situation after they were rescued. There have been bombs, shootings and too many deaths to count. 

The McDreamys. Meredith was lucky enough to get out of that crash without too much damage. Derek, however, was not. His hand was mangled. REALLY mangled. Who else was pumped that he asked Callie to do his surgery? The girl doesn’t get enough credit on her work. Remember when she made that girl walk who was bent over at a ninety degree angle? I mean, seriously.

Crazy Cristina. Yang went into a spiral after the crash. Her speech to Owen about what she endured out there was heartbreaking. Keeping the bugs out of Arizona’s leg and having Mark fall to pieces on her was terrible. She still managed to say a couple funny lines that you can check out on the Grey’s Anatomy quotes page. She was right on running away to her new job. But I'm not too sure how long that will last.

Doctor Cristina Yang Photo

Goodbye Leg. Wow, Arizona was pissed. Rightfully so. She blames Alex for her situation because the only reason she got on that plane was anger at him. Callie’s call to have Alex cut off her leg could not have gone well. I am curious to see Arizona’s reaction after the surgery. She can’t go on blaming Alex, but how do you move forward from that? 

Missing McSteamy. Although we knew Eric Dane would be in this episode, I almost wish he wasn’t. It was sad enough watching him die the first time. It had been so long since we have seen Julia that I almost forgot who she was. I know I wasn’t the only one who teared up when Sloan admitted that he loved Lexie. We now have officially said goodbye to the most handsome man to walk the halls of Seattle Grace. Grey’s Anatomy will never be the same.

Side Notes...

  • April was heading home to the farm now that her contract was officially over. Avery asked her to meet him at Joe’s but never got to show up because of Sloan. Where is this couple headed now that she is on her way back to Seattle?
  • Just a few glances of the new interns this week. Still not too exciting. We have enough cast members to worry about.
  • Who else wishes they could have seen the goodbye between Cristina and Owen?
  • Bailey just moved up another level with me, if that was even possible. She officially became awesome when she made a Lost reference. 
It's Karev
Overall, a pretty solid episode that filled us in on the tragic plane crash. I wasn’t too sure that I was going to like the fact that we flash backed in time, but the episode was entertaining and tugged at your heart strings. Just the way we like our Grey’s Anatomy.
We have a week off before our next new episode, so use that time to hit up the comments and check out the TV Fanatic Grey’s Anatomy Round Table this weekend. Until next time, GA Fans. 


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So what happened to the pilot??? And why didn't they get Sophie to see her Dad sooner?? And are they going to do a funeral for either Lexie or Sloan? That would be proper. I agree with Britt, they totally wrote Lexie off. Where is the remorse?


@alexis yes "surges" are very real. I worked in a care facility and they are extremely common. In fact, it's more uncommon if someone who has been in a certain state suddenly gets better and doesn't pass. Which I have also seen, but it's incredibly rare. Nurses know if a long-term patient suddenly shows a dramatic change for the better to get the family in, just in case. It's excepted procedure due to the commonality.


Her dad is not dead.


@Britt Her dad is dead.


@ YeahRight!! I love how the people calling Alex a jerk are all about Arizona. You know, the chick who says she's great in a crisis - until it happens to her. The chick whose all rainbows and unicorns, until she's spewing hateful venom. The chick who tries to make other people better, but ended up on a plane after throwing a juvenile tantrum and then blames everyone else for a problem she created for herself. Yup, definite Arizona hater here.


By far the saddest episode...I will still watch but am curious how they will top these two. Personally, my sister and I did not like the Mark saga unfold. He was fine and what is a surge??? Is this real or just made it? I agree with most when I say Jackson did not need to take forever and stupid April could have told him much earlier that she was leaving, I almost forgot about those two. Arizona was harsh but rightfully so. Her emotional breakdown was kinda of stupid too because, um you're a doctor, married to a doctor, working for a hospital that can give you a prosthetic leg, right? No lets just get sicker, sounds like a good plan.
Cristina...lord help me!! I would be out of my mind too if I was left out in the woods with people dying around me, animal sounds in the middle of the night and animals eating my Lexie, what the hell!!! Her comment on Mark was a little beyond ok, but that is how Cristina acts. She will be back though, we know it.
Miranda and Dr. Weber were outstanding, like two parents taking care of their children. I thought it was really sad that he was there with Mark in his last moments, broke my heart. And Miranda taking care of the children, that is her strong point. side note:
Did anyone notice the phone call from Derek to Private Practice's Addison, on Private Practice?


Ok hears a big question? What happen to the Pilot that was flying the plane ! I know he wasnt a main chracter but not once he was mentioned. Did he surive or they just left him at the crash site.


I love how the people who are calling Arizona a beotch, are all about Alex. A guy that's been a @ss, since the moment the show started. I love all the double standard stupidity on here. The double standard really shows off your mentality here. Funny thing is, Arizona made Alex a somewhat better human being, and now that she's out of the hospital, he's back to being a slut/jerk again. Oh and guess what? Jcap isn't going anywhere because Shonda Rhimes loves her, and loves writing for her character really doesnt matter if u wish her dead, it's not gooing to work, haters.


I thought it was dissapointing. Mostly just because of Lexie. She was a very beloved character and the moment she closes her eyes no one cares about her anymore. No one cried or even seem to be surprised about her death. Every docter on the plane got a moment in the episode, apart from Lexie. Oke she's dead but what about shocking reactions from the people who where at Seattle? A funeral? Her dad?


@quina everyone will tell you watch the 2nd first but don't. the story is better in the correct order. I just think some people didn't realize it was set up that way and found it confusing

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