Hart of Dixie Review: Revenge in Bluebell?

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"Always on My Mind" was probably one of the funniest Hart of Dixie episodes to date. I don't remember the last time I laughed this hard at the show. It was fun, hilarious and definitely entertaining. Very well done overall.

When the gour started we saw that Zoe and Wade were at it again... well actually, they were just finishing. As much as Zoe won't admit it, she likes her little fling with Wade. Let's all be honest, who wouldn't? Wade Kinsella is one good looking country boy. Wade was right when he said she was addicted. 

Ready for BlueBellapalooza

Throughout this episode the theme seemed to be being the best version of yourself. Lavon was happier around Ruby and vice versa, Rose was trying to make herself content by throwing the BlueBellapalooza, Zoe was attempting to NOT have sex with Wade, George was trying to move on, Brick has a new girlfriend, Lemon was hoping to find herself, and Wade was, well... Wade.

Everyone had something to do and had their own little storyline in the episode and that was my favorite part. Everyone mattered. 

Let's start with Zoe and Wade. Their storyline is becoming more and more interesting to me. First they can't stop having sex and so Wade bets Zoe they'll hook up within the next 48 hours, but unfortunately for Wade, they didn't. The tension between both of them tonight was the best it has been all series and I honestly felt their connection. I believed it and now I want more. 

Poor George. He was finally doing so well with the new girl and was in high hopes of moving on, but Lemon unintentionally ruined it. I enjoyed seeing George, after everything, still going over to Lemon to make sure that she was okay and then she actually smiled. Lemon grows more and more each episode. All she wants to do is prove to her daddy that she could make it on her own and that is why she is my favorite. Yes, Lemon Breeland is my favorite. Just wait, you'll see it eventually.

When I was talking to Tim Matheson, I asked him if Brick was going to let Lemon go and allow her learn how to be on her own and he said that Brick was going to have a hard time with that. Obviously, he is. He tried a numerous amount of times tonight to convince Lemon to work for him. I think we all were saying that it's time to get let fly, Brick. Lemon is in her 30's. It's sweet to see him holding on but it's also selfish and pathetic. But Lemon needs to learn how to be her own person.

Moving onto Ruby. Let me just say, I love her. I knew it was going to be her running against Lavon! How perfect is this? The current mayor up against his old flame whose heart he broke. Can we all agree that Revenge has moved to Bluebell, Alabama! This is definitely going to make things interesting. Cress Williams recently said that "sparks will fly" between Lavon and Ruby and since she will be his competition, does this mean that the sparks aren't so nice? I have no idea but I look forward to finding out.

In the end Zoe still doesn't know who she wants to be with. You have sweet and innocent George who all of the sudden has amazing singing skills. Then you have Wade, who doesn't like to wear shirts and works at the Rammer Jammer. They are both complete opposites and it makes for good television. I hope that from here on out their love triangle doesn't get cheesy; it has some really good potential.

It's nice to see Hart of Dixie go towards a lighter side and have much more comedy than the first season. Tonight's episode was definitely one of the best yet. They have a good set up started and I'm ready to see where it all goes. Also, give us more Rose, I find her so charming and adorable. 

Next week it looks like a new illness will be going around Bluebell and will everyone blame Zoe Hart? Probably!


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i absolutely loved this episode...one of my favourite ones...Wade and Zoe's sexual tension was unbelievable and i loved the fact that Zoe's feelings for Wade are starting to change...she can't help wanting him...falling in love!Last year it was all about Zoe's crush on golden boy (oh god..i hardly agree he is)..but in fact no chemistry existed...no true desire !Wade is and has been in love with Zoe since last year...the difference is, he let his true feelings show last year but was disappointed, now that he knows he can set the rules ....he is actings all jerk like ..trying to gain Zoe's heart..!he's too insecure to let her see he feels more than sexual desire..it's a self defence indeed!


The only thing you can possibly accuse her of is prolonging the triangle because Hollywood unfortunately believes triangles are the only way to tell love stories. We don't have to like HOW she's doing it (although really? Being an immature jerk to hide his true feelings or pretending to only want physical relationships with women is NOT OOC for Wade), but to read malicious intent into it is just silly. Also? It's the 2nd ep and it was already better than the 1st! Give it some time. The best stories are realistically developed, not rushed just to give the audience what they want.


These conspiracy theories have passed the point of amusing and are now just sad. I'm a Zade shipper as much as the next person, but I guarantee you, no one is actively trying to ruin this show or attack Bethel. Porter does not have the authority to direct how storylines are written or who gets interviewed. I'm not sure exactly what mina means by "as horrible as she is she may have fudged the numbers," but if she's referring to ratings, those numbers are released by a company unaffiliated with the network, let alone the show. And trust me, even if LG did release them, she wouldn't attempt to get her show cancelled just because most viewers prefer one branch of a love triangle over the other.


Yeah, her attack on wade last episode may have cost her the show but who knows as horrible as she is she may have fudged the numbers. Bethel was the best thing going for that show...i hate this. will never watched another show produced by lalia.


I don't know who's EGO was hurt Porter or Lalia but I do think Porter is trying to relive the days of FNL. Everything now makes sense... Bethel silence but Porter and Bilson are giving interviews. I think they were upset over the critic's fondness towards bethel and not porter. If this is true it's a shame that Porter has to be this way.


Yeah, the ratings were down. Lalia is a freakin idiot and her mistakes are going to cost the show. She had no plans on keeping Wade and Zoey together...she was using them to build a larger audience... Zoey was going to utimately pick George before season end - I think people knew that. I don't under why she turned Wade into a JERK...he carried the show. People like him because of his charm - she keeps digging at him ...I think people are tried of her. We're SICK of her bias towards Porter. To top it off, she turns Wade and Zoey into sex animals...like they can't be anything more. Lalia is horriable.


Anyway, what I did think was great to see was Wade giving Zoe a wink and seeing her past the group of girls flocking to him. It reminded me of all those sweet moments last season between them. I'm still hoping the writers have fun with their date nights and things because neither of them are all that romantic so they'd be hilarious. Also, just reading your comment ‘Wow’ – “I think we all were expecting much more mature characters� … completely agree and unfortunately, a bit of a spoiler - it says in episode four Zoe is still trying to keep things casual with Wade but she gets jealous when she sees him with another woman and decides to play at the same game…
I honestly think it's going to take something far greater for those two to realize how much they actually mean to each other more than say what Zoe wants George to mean to her.


@Jonas - I'm pretty sure this is Leila Gerstein's baby that Josh and Stephanie have left her with but throw in a meeting or two about it. Lol, who knows... but I love this idea for a show Leila has come up with. What I'm not so keen on is her writing - she did a pretty good job on the pilot (I mean it drew me in) and then I guess last season’s finale but writing the characters in-between, she seems to take a severe stand with them (e.g. tweaking Wade last week to be nothing more than heavily obnoxious and annoying, Zoe pining for George - New Orleans anyone (and every other episode she wrote)? Also the terrible character and storylines that surrounded Judson...). Also completely agree with ‘Wow’ and ‘Zoe/Wade Fan’ that Wade’s character recently just hasn’t matched everything ‘Zoe/Wade Fan’ said.


I totally agree with WOW. It is like the show writer is determined to force the George/Zoe pairing on us, so they are writing Wade's character as a jerk. I mean can we just go back to the first few episodes for a recap here. Does anyone remember him making the chili for her, or how devastated he was when he thought she was really starting to fall for him and it was just a game to her. Wade is not just after Zoe for sex. He has real feelings for her and has a hard time showing just how deeply he cares. The show started out with all this complexity of the issues that Wade has with his father, and how that makes it hard for him to show his true feeling to anyone. Now I feel like the writers are just trying to sabotage his character. As happy as I was to see a Wade/Zoe pairing it also made me furious, because it was so demeaning to the character so many of us have come to love.


I like zoey and wade too, but, I too think the show is DEMEANING their relationship...it seems to be nothing but sex. I also noticed that the ratings went down I wonder if Lalia's decision to turn Wade into a JERK (last episode) affected the rating. Alot of people were turned off by that...I think we all were expecting much more mature characters. Lalia is determined to SCREW her own show.

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