Julie Plec Calls for Peace Among Vampire Diaries Fans

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Julie Plec really wants all Vampire Diaries fans to get along.

In the face of overly-contentious Tweets and over-the-top online threats and remarks, the producer took to the social network today and addressed viewers of her beloved CW drama.

"Honestly, I usually don't like to draw attention to the trolls, as they are just that, trolls determined to bully, berate and abuse behind the anonymity of the internet," wrote Plec. "I'm sure every single one of you has had to deal with the same thing. And any attention, even negative, tends to feed them. Plus, it all detracts from the beautiful positivity of most of the fandom."

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But Plec couldn't resist and she went on to explain why:

"However, I think it's all important that we take a look at what we're doing to each other in the name of "shipping". Delena, Stelena, Bamon, SheriffForbesoDonovan, whatever it is that you root for, the point is to keep your passion positive. You can hate where something's going, and scream your frustration to the world --- just don't make your words into weapons. (she says, having openly just called someone an asshole on twitter. sorry about that).

"Remember to keep the debate healthy and productive, otherwise Twitter starts to feel like my family arguing about religion and politics at the dinner table. And trust me, no one wants to experience that.

We value you all and have nothing but love. Except for you Eleneremy shippers. That's just weird. ;-) As always, #lovenotshove."

What do you think of this missive, Vampire Diaries fans? Check out a TVD clip from Thursday's (terrific!!!) "Memorial" and sound off now.

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TVD Fandom is the worst tbh, why can't we all get along together like other fandoms? BTW TVD is about Stefan and Elena's undying love, the writers ruined it by turning the show into a love triangle! Delena might be together but Elena will find her way back to Stefan THEY ARE SOULMATES! Nothing against Delena but its just a waste of time shipping them. Don't you remember? Stefan "And This Is My Story" Why are everybody for Delena? Just bc Damon is hot and all but personaly I find Stefan way more attractive and hotter. The show is about Stefan and Elena people and to all those Stefan haters out ther, if you hate Stefan why you watching the show? ITS HIS STORY!!


I enjoy the show... usually. I have to say while they've done an admirable job of finding new ways to drag out the love DE/SE triangle, I'd really like to see greater development for other characters. Yes, I get that the books are all about that subplot, but the thing about a book is that you finish it in a day... or an hour.. or two days, depending on the person, but this has lasted FOUR YEARS. I'd really like to see some new content. I'm also sick of seeing Damon play the backup. Can we please make him a little more interesting instead of constantly being a doormat for Elena. I thought he was going to return to S1 Damon, but I'm not seeing it yet. A few glimpses of hostility does not a character shift make. Please expand on Rebekah and Bonnie..they're the only two that haven't been dragged through triangle after triangle yet. Also what happened to Elijah- he and Klaus really upped the acting ante. Just my thoughts.. Oh and I agree another poster who said they'd like to see the minorities play characters other than vehicles for the needs and wants of the other characters.


C'mon Julie Plec first there is NO cure for being a vampire and I hope it gets destroyed before Elena gets it, let Elena remain a vampire and embrace her vampire life and not be such a goody 2 shoes. Also I don't see the need for Jeremy, Meredith (she served her purpose)or Caroline and wouldn't care if they went poof for good. Bring back Elijah, Kol and bring Tatia to the show and c'mon why they all so naive Bonnie for one should sense something about Professor Shane unless that witchy thing "Magically" went poof.


I agree that Julie is a grown ass woman and should behave like one. Its a show and its going to draw both negativity and positivity from its fans. Honestly I have lots of suggestions but the most pressing is about Bonnie. She is a major character and yet one watching the show would think she was a minor character. She was not in several episodes in season three and when she was it was for a spell. Actually what am really concerned about is her dressing. It wont kill anyone if she gets to have good clothes. And the weaves?SERIOUSLY!! She is stunning and I do not see you try to bring out her beauty, its almost like you are trying to downplay it. Big time


I agree that Julie is a grown ass woman and should behave like one. Its a show and its going to draw both negativity and positivity from its fans. Honestly I have lots of suggestions but


Okay so everyone is bashing the show and the love triangle, the books are all about the love triangle you know how many fans the show would loose if they just ended it and let Elena choose one guy and then continue. there are so many delena fans and stelena fans. when someone is writing a show they have to try and make all the fans satisfied at one point or another. so if you dont like the show then stop watching it as simple as that and majority of shows on telivision have to have a love triangle to make it interesting.
and i love this show i think it has great acting and writers to it :)


this is why I don't get into these type of discussions, like politics and religion, everyone has a different opinion, PERIOD. I don't get onto these rants about all this, and I don't have to explain or justify myself on who I want with whom and what I don't like. Everyone gets carried away and it turns into bullying, people, it's just a show with great actors, production staff and directors, that's all. If you don't like the turn of events, then change the channel, but if you're addicted to it, like me, and have to watch regardless of the outcome, then watch, don't be negative to someone who may not share your opinions, enjoy it, be open to others opinions. Just remember what your mama told you, "if you can't say nothing nice, then don't say anything at all". This is all I'm going to say or be on one of these comment sections, some people are just too cruel and rude.


look i am delena fan!!! i not going crazy for them to finally be together, i just waiting when they get together


she likes to add fuel to the fire but cries foul when someone points out that she's the one holding the gas can. It's really her own fault she has toyed with DE'rs, pissed off Bonnie fans, and pissed off Damon fans, and pissed off SE'rs...you tease ppl with scenes and twisted half truth spoilers, of course ppl are going to feel fooled, frustrated and sick of it all. Piss or get off the pot Julie! These triangles are dragged out..now she's going to add love squares lol let's just see how that all pans out for her. Then the real hate tweets will start rolling. Yes, ppl are assholes that is not new information everyone knows this and Julie should know this by now. The real world is not full of rainbows and unicorns.


... She's right, most people are assholes. It's pretty horrendous that you think it's ok to treat and talk about other human beings the way you do( and I don't have to name names because it's pretty obvious who are). I'm all for freedom of speech, But it's sad so many people around here waste their words on hate.


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