Julie Plec Calls for Peace Among Vampire Diaries Fans

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Julie Plec really wants all Vampire Diaries fans to get along.

In the face of overly-contentious Tweets and over-the-top online threats and remarks, the producer took to the social network today and addressed viewers of her beloved CW drama.

"Honestly, I usually don't like to draw attention to the trolls, as they are just that, trolls determined to bully, berate and abuse behind the anonymity of the internet," wrote Plec. "I'm sure every single one of you has had to deal with the same thing. And any attention, even negative, tends to feed them. Plus, it all detracts from the beautiful positivity of most of the fandom."

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But Plec couldn't resist and she went on to explain why:

"However, I think it's all important that we take a look at what we're doing to each other in the name of "shipping". Delena, Stelena, Bamon, SheriffForbesoDonovan, whatever it is that you root for, the point is to keep your passion positive. You can hate where something's going, and scream your frustration to the world --- just don't make your words into weapons. (she says, having openly just called someone an asshole on twitter. sorry about that).

"Remember to keep the debate healthy and productive, otherwise Twitter starts to feel like my family arguing about religion and politics at the dinner table. And trust me, no one wants to experience that.

We value you all and have nothing but love. Except for you Eleneremy shippers. That's just weird. ;-) As always, #lovenotshove."

What do you think of this missive, Vampire Diaries fans? Check out a TVD clip from Thursday's (terrific!!!) "Memorial" and sound off now.

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@Fruit Salad and @Just Saying That : lmaooooooo. Love it guys, keep 'em comin !


LOL. well Jules that ain't gonna happen ! Delena and Stelena fans will NEVER stop arguing ! That's impossible ! looooool ! ------> Delena fan !!!!! Stelena = BORING !!!! lmaoooo


Jeez Julie if you feel that way over a few tweets; Don't go on Tumblr especially the Julie Plec tag D: or Youtube that is a damn battlezone DD: If she really wants to see how everything goes down between DE & SE shippers try the anti- tags. LOL She thinks she is the only one who gets hate? Has she ever looked at all the Ian hate? DDD: You don't hear him moanin and groaning about it, and he is doesnt it write the show. Fans throw hate left and right to the point of ppl leaving social networks. Toughen up woman your 40 and should be able to just let it slide.


I've never understood why some fans are so overinvested in shipping couples. Nevertheless, it's ironic that Julie Plec is sending out this plea, when she has been the cause of a lot of the hostility and fan alienation. For starters, she lets personal favoritism (towards certain actors) dictate the plot, which is a big mistake. Just because she likes Joseph Morgan, doesn't mean that Klaus should stick around forever, and just because she likes Candice Accola, doesn't mean that she should have more scenes with Bonnie's boyfriend than Bonnie. I've watched tons of TV shows that cast even fewer persons of color than Diaries, and it doesn't bother me (e.g. "Girls). But for some reason, I find Plec's treatment of minority characters very offensive. They're either introduced for the purpose of being killed, or are kept around to "help" the other characters (e.g. Bonnie). I know it's just fiction, but when most of the viewers are impressionable teens, things like this can impact self-image. That's my "healthy and productive" comment!

Fruit salad

Hey guys! We're hurting Julie Plec's feelings! We should all stop expressing our own honest opinions and praise this amazing show, and its incredible writer. Debate and constructive criticism is a pathetic cry for attention. Shame on us all!


(she says, having openly just called someone an asshole on twitter. sorry about that)
that is why i prefer tvfanatic over other tvd forums.
as for julie, we have a saying here: don't go as a priest into a bordel.
(that makes it seem like julie is a priest .... ew)

David and sabrina 2014

I can't wait for the next episode of season 4. I wonder what major changes will happen. =) =D


Is Julie Plec for real?I mean you delved in the whole LOVE TRIANGLE stuff and you expect the fans to bahave?LOL.......


creating a bunch of foolishness...Klaroline Klaroline is awesome. Just GTFO.


I wonder if it's the rabid DE or Forwood fans attacking her. I think both, From the way the storylines are going. I don't want to be a forwood and SE shipper. The bitch blows too many holes in everyone's ship except the sugary-sweet ship of SE. ALso, there's also a lot of Bonnie fans who flame her, it's not like she's not asking for it anyway. She dug her grave by writing her sexual frustrations on her storylines and she complains about getting shit for it lol wut? What an ungrateful bitch. She's not a real writer. If she cannot take harsh criticism in social media websites, she should get the fuck out of the internet. Fucking n00b. She cannot change people, all she needs to do is change herself.


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