Last Resort Review: Where It Hurts

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What do you really know? About your spouse? The person standing next to you? Yourself? That's the question Last Resort asked in "Blue on Blue."

With the entire crew thrown into an unprecedented situation, everyone had more questions than answers - but some had faith. Yet, as one government agent noted, even that can be broken.

Captain Chaplin's strategy was to play this out from a position of strength and he had to flex those muscles more than once. First with the torpedo launch at the USS Illinois. Although some may question that move, it's the one thing certain to keep the Illinois on the other side of that line.

Chaplin Fights For Control

Sam may question his Captain's strategy but he never fails to back him up. At first I wondered about his decision to walk out and try to talk with what he assumed was an armed Delta force sent to kill him, but it certainly told us what kind of man Sam is. He'd risk his life if he felt there was a chance he didn't have to kill another American soldier.

Of course, once they figured out they were Russian's looking to steal the sub, all bets were off. That was a great twist and one I hadn't thought of but it made sense. The entire world would be out to get the technology on that sub. 

Navy SEAL James wasn't kidding when he told Tani in this Last Resort quote...

Get yourself off this rock. This whole place just became the biggest bull's eye on the planet. | permalink

The twists and turns of that entire sequence were really well played. Sam's team was trying to take out a Russian assault team. Grace's own men planned to kill her in a "friendly fire" accident. Marcus expertly juggled a US and Russian diplomat and didn't hesitate to unleash Hell with a nuclear missile on one man's sons to get this most recent attack to stop.

There was tension and suspense on multiple fronts and it solidified why I can't wait to keep tuning into Last Resort each week.

But not all of the drama took place on the island. Back in D.C. Kylie learned Marcus had given her prototype an unscheduled test. The good news? It worked. The bad news? The government planned to take it away from her.

I've begun to really like Kylie. When Linus tried to back out on her, she smiled pretty as she put the screws to him. Reminding him of a fling he had with a girl at his bachelor party who Kylie describes as hot, "Like make me want to switch hit hot." 

Kylie's got some serious spunk and she's not afraid to come out fighting. She just might be the person to figure this whole mess out. Unfortunately, her threats to tell Linus' wife about the hot chick may have ended up putting him in a coma.

With the press painting Marcus as a "Nuclear Mad Man," he's going to need all the allies he can get, even the ones he doesn't know about yet.

And Sam's got his own problems back home. My one complaint was why his wife seemed so shocked that there were things Sam hadn't shared with her.  He's in the military. I can only assume there are plenty of things that he can't share due to their classified nature or that he doesn't want to due to the nature of military combat. Christine's shock felt odd to me but maybe it's because they haven't been married all that long. 

The crew of the Colorado will face threats from the world, including their own government, family and friends

Once again, Last Resort left me clamoring for more. In a world where the attacks just keep coming, the only question is where will they come from next.


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Good show. Keeps me riveted for 1 hour. That's all I ask.


Enjoyed this strong second episode. But, there were some plot points that I found confusing. Didn't the first episode end with Kylie entering her apartment, then the Admiral entering after he knocked, presumably to compare notes about the conversation he had with his daughter before it was shut down? Whatever happened with that? Second, what happened with Kylie's DOD contact? Did he end up in the hospital because someone put him there, or was it self-inflicted? Third, why did the Seal mess with the equipment before the navy teams went to engage the Special Ops forces? And, how many Seals are left? My favorite part in this entire series is the relationship between the captain & his XO. Loved that closing scene between them.


I like the actors and the the action on this show but I'm getting a little worried at the number of dramas biased on the premise that the U.S. government is the enemy. One can't be helped in believing that this is true in real life. Apparently idealism and moral principles are in short supply in the halls of government or at least in Hollywood.


My husband and I are enjoying this show. I think this show plays out and is just an entertaining as several military movies I have seen. I don't think some people truly understand how the military works. Regardless of what realm of the military you are in you still go thru intense weapons and combat training and you don't lose those skills just because you are on a submarine for a few months. And with the threat of having nuclear missiles that you say you will use, you could hold off resistance especially when everyone is watching. That is why he let the one missile go over DC to show he would use it.


Then STOP WATCHING Mazo.....but quit complaining.


While I watched the hour, I did not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the opener. Found myself wondering if the premise can stand up to being a weekly series - week after week, year after year - as opposed to a mini-series or made for TV movie.


I though the first episode of the Last Resort was the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen on Television. Then I saw the second episode and clearly there is no limit to absurdity in the farce known as the....Last Resort. Apparently, we are the believe that a bunch of Navy submariners, people who rarely if ever come anywhere near a rifle can go toe to toe with some of the best special forces units in the world that train for years and still come out on top! And that one lone US submarine can somehow miraculously hold off 50 plus US Navy ships, submarines and aircraft successfully. This show is garbage, even if disregard the absurd plot developments, the characters like Autumn Reeser's character, the "XO's wife" are horrible and annoying to say the least.


Not impressed by this episode at all. For one thing,that confrontation between the team from the Colorado and the Spestnatz team was probably the most boring thing I've ever seen. There was zero tension or sense of urgency


Great episode. More people better watch this. "I'll sink the ship Victor and then I'll target the base your two sons are at, then I'll turn it to glass."

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