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-The Illinois gets too close to the line, Marcus shoots a warning torpedo in a show of strength to force them back.

-A special forces team is dropped on the island. Sam, Grace and a team head out to cut them off. Men loyal to Prosser plan to kill Grace in a friendly fire incident.

-The special forces team isn't American, but Russians looking to capture the sub. With the help of Navy SEAL James, the team stops them. Grace is shot by a Russian but survives.

-Back home government agents try threaten Christine to get her to ask Sam to surrender and turn over Marcus but she won't do it. They send her home with a supposed friend of Sam's who is actually working for them.

-Kylie learns that the government may take away her prototype.  She blackmails her friend Linus to find proof that the Illinois fired on the Colorado.  A day later Linus ends up in a coma but Kylie finds a slip of paper in his pocket with Order 998 written on it.

-Prosser accuses Chaplin of starting this entire incident because he's angry that his son was killed in action.  Sam tells Chaplin he knows that's not true.

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