Modern Family Review: In Denial

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It was a family-fun night over at ABC, as we got a double dose of America's favorite comedy (read my review here of "Schooled.") In the second episode of Modern Family Phil prepared to get a little "Snip."

After Jay and Gloria's unplanned pregnancy, Phil and Claire decided they should take some precautions if they didn't want a surprise of their own. Also because Phil thinks it will allow for some more "freestyling in the boudoir."

The Dunphys Contemplate More Family

Everyone was a little unsure of his/her path in this episode. Claire and Phil had themselves convinced they were done having children, but of course they weren't 100 percent. 

Sure, Phil was afraid that it would hurt, especially when that other guy limped out almost in tears. Isn't there a recovery room? For Claire, even though her kids were a total pain all day, all it took was one heartwarming moment of Haley and Alex bonding and Luke bringing her a flower to turn it all around.

I found everything about Claire's interaction with the kids to be so realistic in this episode. My sister and I are both Haleys, we call our mother 19 times a day and ask for favors that we are too old to ask for. How many times did you need something dropped off at school like Luke? And just like Alex, I do know a girl who shaved the back of her neck in middle school. Let me tell you, that took a long time to grow back. 

Haley and Alex have the best banter on the show sometimes. 

Haley: Oh my God, what is that outfit? Are you going goth? You still sleep with a stuffed panda.                                                                            

Alex: Isn't there a fraternity you need to pass out in? | permalink

Cam was being more dramatic than usual tonight and it wasn't even funny. I get that he's bored at home during the day, trust me I'm a freelance writer. But he really has a packed bag at all times? Mitchell was just trying to help! Plus, he would be awesome at fashion sales. Then again, who of us hasn't tried to run away at times to get of a situation we were upset with? Anyone? Just me? Okay.

Gloria, meanwhile, was in denial of her baby bump. Wasn't she wearing maternity clothes in the previous episode? Whatever. Gloria is hot no matter whether her clothes look ridiculous or not. Manny was so sweet when he told her she would have two partners this time around.

In the end, everyone ended up where they should be. Gloria got some maternity wear, Phil and Claire held off on the vasectomy, and Cam took a job as Manny's new music teacher. Another perfect fit for him! What did you all think of the episode? Check out the latest quips in our Modern Family quotes section!


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I don't watch much tv, but MF at its best is a fine show, and this one had some good writing. But I could do without the judgement that a man not wanting more kids is somehow "Not a real man" as the sight gag smugly pointed out. Ironic that Hollywood's Mr. Clooney - a confirmed bachelor with no kids - has done a sketch with the MF cast, and his achievements absolutely qualify him as a "real man."

Sarah silva

This was a great epiosde but the first one was funnier.
I think GLoria's bump was not as big in the last episode so they made a point of it being bigger this time to have the storyline fit.
There were still lots of funny moments. I too think it is silly Cam has a bag packed at all times. However it is Cam...soooo enough said. The scene in the clothing store was funny and the send was sweet, he will be a great music teacher!


I wanted to know what sex the baby is!

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This family needs a dumbass-ectomy.


Haley: Oh my God, what is that outfit? Are you going goth? You still sleep with a stuffed panda.
Alex: Isn't there a fraternity you need to pass out in?