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NCIS Trailer: "Lost at Sea"

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NCIS returns with a new episode Tuesday night, and CBS has released a 30-second promo for the awesome-looking "Lost at Sea." As you've probably heard, Diane Neal reprises her popular role as Abigail Borin.

CGIS and NCIS team up after a helicopter crew is reported adrift at sea and later discovered on shore, far from the original site. The agents must determine the cause of the crash and locate the missing pilot.

What unravels looks like a bona fide NCIS mystery as Gibbs & Co. sift through the sea of lies. Follow this link for our photo gallery from the episode, the fourth of Season 10, then check out the teaser below:

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    @fanotony2 Tony was great in yesterday's episode. There will be Tony episodes coming up and then we will know what a talented person Michael Weatherly is. Let's say something positive about NCIS and Tony. Did you know that there is a page for Tony under Tony DiNozzo Bio? Anything positive I think will be accepted there.


    @SAM - No, I wouldn't want to give you a complex! LOL I appreciate your civil response to my posts and agree that the "formula" won't likely be discarded as the writers certainly have it down, and ratings are the name of the game. Just not for me and many other Tony fans.


    enough already who do you yhink you are calling someone rude and disrespectful it is you who is rude and arrogant grow up and stop your nit picking comments not interested my dear grow up.


    Robert Shaw was an English actor. The metal collector on the beach is clearly Aussie. I guess the lazy writers want to make a "Jaws" reference because the scene is on the beach. There are a lot of Aussie movies on the beach.


    @fanotony2 I would agree with you, at least to some extent, about how Gibbs is portrayed. But here's the thing: the show is primarily about Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Mark Harmon is the star of the show. And most stars of dramas are presented pretty much exactly the way you described, even on ensemble shows. It's the nature of the beast.

    As for despising the formula, the formula gets them high Nielsen ratings and plenty of revenue. That's the name of the game. Good luck with persuading them otherwise. And don't bring up the old argument that ratings don't = quality -- because while I would agree with you, those folks will smile politely and simply disagree with you. And keep doing what they have been doing for lo, many, many years. And not just with NCIS.


    @fanotony2 Well, then I suggest you direct some of those comments at those people and not me. You wouldn't want to give me a complex now, would you? :)

    Like I suggested before, there are things that have been done with Tony that I don't like. I am not as down on how he is being written as you are, as I can still see the basic original outline, and with more than a little flesh on it. But I can understand and sympathize with your complaints, because I frankly have them about the way they have written Ziva the last couple of years, as well as McGee. Only I would disagree with you about TPTB portraying her in the manner that they do. On the contrary, I think she has been portrayed as being far weaker and washed out than what she used to be. I suppose this is in response to what happened in Somalia, but still....annoying. And the fact that McGee has gotten practically nothing storywise the last couple of years is beyond annoying.


    @SAM - No - you haven't personally asked me to stop posting, but many other posters have replied to those of us who complain about things that happen on the show, and asked us to stop our irritating complaining and suggest that we stop watching the show. Not in this particular thread though. It is still my opinion that as long as the agenda is for Gibbs and Ziva to get the huge majority of drama, heroism, flattery, danger, and skills, Tony's biggest function will be to provide the so called humor of self humiliation. I no longer believe that anything I, or other Tony fans write carry any weight with tptb, as the super Ziva super Gibbs idiot Tony formula seems the only thing that they consistently write. Not sure why I bother. And here lately, I wonder why I bother watching the show since I have no hope that anything will change. I despise the "formula" since I started watching NCIS in the first place, because a Tony character who is no longer recognizable.


    @fanotony2 Exactly where did I tell you to stop posting and telling us what you think? Where have I said you are not entitled to posting a negative opinion? And what makes you think I love everything that the show is doing? I don't. Not by a long shot.

    Here's the thing: like I said in my previous post to you, it would seem that constantly saying, or implying, that by writing Ziva and Gibbs differently will help Tony to be a better written character just doesn't seem to be working. I've seen people like you say this for the past three seasons or so. It just doesn't seem to be working. You seem to be getting more of what you are complaining of, not less.

    If all you want to do is let TPTB know you don't like what they are doing, okay. If what you really want to do is get them to change what they are doing, it strikes me as though you are going to have to change your tactics. Otherwise, you are simply going to get more of what you don't like, and end up even more frustrated and unhappy than you are now. That's just my opinion based on three or four years of observation.


    @enough already I'm sorry you think what you do about me, but I believe that my opinions are as good and positive and constructive as anybody's on here. I intend to go on posting pretty much the way I always have. I suggest you get used to it.


    @SAM - I agree with you that whatever tptb be decides to write is what we as viewers get. I don't really understand though why you, Janet, and others constantly feel the need to criticize posters for posting a negative opinion about the show, when the forum is set up to give viewers an opportunity to express their views on the show. Maybe you and others love the way the show portrays everyone. Fine. No problem. I happen to feel differently. Why are my posts any less valid or allowable than yours? I don't agree with you, but I don't call into question your opinions or viewing habits or suggest that you stop posting because I don't feel the same way. IMO, posting opinions about the show, positive or negative, is far more appropriate than criticizing, name calling, and issuing suggestions aimed at the posters themselves just because you don't agree with their opinions.

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