NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Freaks, Geeks and Deeks

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NCIS: Los Angeles suffered through an uncharacteristically bad night on "Dead Body Politic," as it missed the mark by taking on a boring, unoriginal, non-NCIS related case.

If they wanted to do an installment about the election, they should have gone in a direction that made sense for NCIS to be involved. Instead, we got a procedural case that could have been on a dozen other shows with very few line changes.

I missed the military/terrorism aspect of the show, as well as the normal action-based tone. The agents just spent most of their time doing detective work here.

Deeks and Lange

The justification for taking over the case was flimsy at best. Shouldn't the FBI have handled it? I don't watch many procedurals because they rely on cookie cutter storylines with minor character differences. For all those reasons, this episode failed for me.

From the beginning the case looked like an inside job. I initially thought that someone within the campaign was desperate enough to win that they killed Clay to boost Monica Tenez's likelihood of winning. If she came out strong against the killing, it would change the voters perspective on her. 

When she decided to drop out of the race after the sniper attack and no one on her campaign strongly opposed her decision, it no longer seemed likely. That's also when the stolen money was discovered. In the end, Tenez did win the election because of these horrible events, but that wasn't part of the actual plan.

Despite the underwhelming case, there were some great character moments that saved the hour. I love the dynamic between them all; I'm even starting to appreciate Granger a little. The political case and the election season provided the perfect framework to find out about Hetty's political prowess. 

Hetty is an exquisite  physical specimen. She may come in a small package, but she has grit like no other. Most people's hearts race when they listen to political speeches or talk politics, even when they agree. Hetty exercises while listening to Reagan and barely breaks a sweat.

And, Hetty as president of Nicaragua. Way to go! 

The banter between the team was witty and funny as always. In particular, I loved that Kensi objectified Deeks by looking at his ass. Nice reversal. Though, Deeks put his foot in his mouth on more than a few occasions. 

Deeks: Easy Wonder Twins, you're scaring the old folks. | permalink

And then dissing Granger inadvertently in front of him. Oops. Not only did Deeks lose big time in the push-up contest with Sam, but Kensi got the best dig on the day.

Kensi: Freaks, Geeks, and Deeks. | permalink

Even though the case fell flat, the episode had enough good character moments to make it worth watching. Can't beat Hetty getting on the phone to help the moderator with the Presidential debate, can you?


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I thought this episode was okay. Although I agree that this case really had nothing to do with NCIS at all. The banter between Deeks and Kensi was as great as ever but I wish Deeks was a little more respscted than he is, I mean he has been on the team for a while now the least they could do is ease up on the digs and judgements of how he does his job, or his work ethic. I mean seriously he has done a really good job on the team so far and is very beneficial. I would also like to see Kensi soften up a bit i mean i still want her to be bad ass blye but just for her to ease up a bit especially with Deeks. Hetty at the end i thought was pretty good.:)


Ehh, I liked it better than the last one. I'm liking all've the Kensi storylines, but this one for Kensi anyways I think was better then the whole Astrid thing. I kind of liked it. Not loved, liked.


I was so disappointed with this one. Hated the automatic knee jerk description of the incumbent as a white male slob, and the challenger as a spunky young minority. Hated Kensi going all juvenile over it. Really hate the constant picking on Deeks. OK. Bring back the bad guys and military story lines.


Great show, love the cast. Thanks


deeks is a great character and addition but this case was not an ncis matter, fbi would have been called in so it didn't work at all. writing was weak and motive? please. this show obviously is vastly inferior to ncis but dude, the writers mailed this one in. granger was fleshed out a bit more and treated more like the assistant director should be.


I can't disagree about the plot - it wasn't their best and I couldn't find one reason that tied NCIS to the issue. But having said that, the character interactions were awesome an Hetty, as usual, rocked. If somebody was only ever going to watch on episode of LA, I can't say this would be my recommendation. But this show has an uncanny tendency to be great, so I can accept an off week now and then. :) Next week's episode sounds exciting!


I love it and can't wait till next week


I didn't mind that the case was relatively "workaday" compared to the cases they usually draw. I was just glad that it wasn't the hot bloody mess that USUALLY happens when Granger shows up to make everyone's life a more annoying place to be. I don't know why, but I found myself more bothered than usual over Deeks' usual "Peter Pan" antics and screamed "IN YO' FACE!!!" at the "Freaks, geeks, and Deeks" line from Kensi. Advantage: Bly!!!! I was also bothered by the writers NOT having LL Cool J take off his shirt to do push-ups. Sure it's a cheap attempt at ratings, but I don't think anyone would complain. oooooooooo baby!!!!!!! :-)


I loved this episode because there were so many great character moments, and because we learned even more about the mighty Hetty, who is so perfectly portrayed by Oscar-winner Linda Hunt (if you want to see what an Oscar speech should look like, find hers, it was brilliant). She just lends so much to this show, with her instinctive acting, her dry-as-a-bone wit and the way she steals every single scene she is in with a presence that is three times her physical size. And I love that she ruled Nicaragua for 72 hours! LOL! I can just see her in dictator's garb, cranking out orders to the troops! As a Kensi and Deeks shipper, I was also thrilled to hear that they think about one another a lot, and I loved Kensi's title to Deeks memoirs! But folks, it is spelled Freaks, not FREEKs! Just sayin'


I miss the little tidbits list you used to post with each episode!

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