NCIS Round Table: "Lost at Sea"

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Our NCIS review broke down "Lost at Sea," Tuesday night's episode of TV's #1 show, in detail.

Now, TV Fanatic staff members Steve Marsi, Matt Richenthal and Eric Hochberger have assembled for our weekly Round Table Q&A discussion of various events from this week's solid installment.

Join in as we analyze Diane Neal's return, Tony and Tim's rapport and much more!


1. Describe this episode in one word (or two, or three, or four).

Steve: Amusing and intriguing.

Matt: My favorite this fall.

Eric: I heart McTony.

NCIS RT - depreciated -

2. Best quotes or scenes from "Lost at Sea"?

Steve: Had to be Tony and Tim asking out Borin. It was made funnier by the fact that she was in on it, but Tim's cringe-worthy delivery in particular (with Tony actually cringing) was hilariously awkward.

Matt: It was early and could be quickly forgotten given everything that transpired after, but I loved Ducky running a spy game at Walter Reed. Who knew David McCallum had such a penchant for espionage ...

Eric: Gotta go with Ziva-isms, both her confusing Horse Whisperer reference and then the classic, "You never went to the bar, you stayed home playing with yourselves ... I mean, with each other." I died.

3. Biggest gripe with the episode, if any?

Steve: None from me. We're all going to have episodes we like more than others, and point out things about each that we might have done differently, but nothing jumps out this week. I enjoyed every minute.

Matt: Maybe just that the scrap metal dealer as the killer felt like a little bit of a stretch? Not a big issue though, the casework was still engaging overall on top of the banter that really made the episode.

Eric: No Jimmy Palmer and not a lot of Abby? They've both had a lot of great scenes this year and everyone can't be in every episode equally so I'll overlook it. Just grasping at straws/minor caveats.

4. Should Diane Neal appear more often?

Steve: I love the character and her relationship with the team - both Gibbs and his subordinates. She clearly meshes well on both a professional and personal level, so yes, I'd like to see her back, and soon.

Matt: Great character but sometimes less is more. Too many guest stars/appearances can lessen their appeal - even if she's one of the better ones - and dilute the regular team members' screen time.

Eric: Definitely. She's terrific, with or without the new hairstyle. Loved watching the guys try to ask her out. I just want to know if she would've said yes to either if she hadn't been in on the joke!

5. Should Tony and Tim partner together more often?

Steve: Absolutely. This was one of my favorite aspects of the week ... not just seeing Tim get quality good screen time but how he holds his own, dishing it out as well as taking it from DiNozzo.

Matt: Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray have a great rapport, more complex than you might realize on the surface. At the end of the day I think Tony likes Tim a lot despite the endless ribbing.

Eric: MW and Cote de Pablo have a great thing going too. NCIS has one of the better problems a show can have, too MANY good characters who play off each other so well. We're always going to be lacking for some combinations, but there are rarely clunker scenes and even more rarely clunker episodes. Each is different in their own way and we'll be treated to a great season I think.

6. NCIS team MVP of the week?

Steve: Ducky, for his clandestine maneuvering, and Gibbs, because the man is all heart.

Matt: Ziva and Borin, for putting one over on the guys. Nicely played, ladies.

Eric: McTony FTW, even if they were totally lying about their prowess as wingmen.

7. Any other closing thoughts?

Steve: Great ending showcasing Gibbs' soft side. That's why he's the fearless leader.

Matt: Impressed how good the writing still is on NCIS after nine-plus years.

Eric: I want to know what video games Tony and Tim are most fond of.

What's your take on these issues of the week on NCIS? Discuss below!

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I think that what the problem is they see themself as a family and I think that part of the reason why they are scare of going on to better things because their like scare pupplys every time they have to do adult things. It like Tony said back in season 8 maybe he not cut out to be a cop he could not tell that his buddy was a bad cop he been replace by Mcgee and Ziva as gibbs favroite agent. The guy has no reason to be a NCIS agent


Did you catch the scene by the car with Tony and Borin? She was saying something about being offered her own team. Tony then told her that he was offered his own team a while back. The reason he gave for not leaving is that it's because of the people. He considers all of them friends and would not leave this situation. However, Tony is perfectly capable of his own leadership or he would not have taken over for Gibbs when he was in Mexico. Also Jenny would not have offered him his own team. In the 200th episode which was on CBS last Friday (that's right, Friday) McGee was also offered a leadership position and declined. They are all happy as a team family.


You could be right, michael, but I just think Tony's getting to the age where he knows where he's comfortable, and he feels there's more to life than being a team leader. Gibbs told Jenny one time that when Tony was ready for his own team, Tony would let the whole world know (or words to that effect). He's okay where he's at which is good for us as I don't really want him to leave the team.


Maybe the reason Tony is still with gibb is because he know he not a good agent


@katmandu, well said. It is quite funny to watch ex's ship for Tiva. I am so ready for the two of them to go out on a date already. I think they are inching towards it, just wish it would speed just a tad.


1) (Going with Eric's answer) I love McTony 2) While McGee asking out Borin was totally cringe worthy, I'd have to go with Tony's responce to Borin's question about why he still works under Gibbs. "They can't offer me better people." 3) None that I can think of. Pretty solid episode. 4) While I love her and her character, I think she's a kind of 'once in a while' kind of character. Her biggest flaw is also her biggest attribute: she's a lot like Gibbs. I'd think it's be too much of Gibbsyness for one show to handle. 5) Definitely! Love the Older-younger brother sort of rapport the two have, and it's great to see that every once in a while. Also, thumbs up to the writers (or Weatherly, if he add libbed) for using the nickname 'probie' and 'McGeek' in the same episode! 6) Ziva, she defiantly got the guys, and I applaud her for that! 7) Again, thumbs up for the use of Probie in who knows how long!


Continue any Closing thoughts- NCIS still going strong still has good writing in season 10 is fantastic. Good episode I hope they have more of McTony and bring Abby Borin back I want her a Gibbs


Destcribe the episode in 1 word or 2- McTony,
Best quotes or best scenes- is where McGee was asking her out LOL poor McGee
Biggest gripe- who the killer was scrap metal guy
Diane Neal come more often - Yes her character rocks
Should Tony and Tim be partnered up more often. Yes I love them working together they make me laugh they are so funny together and work good with each.
NCIS team MVP of the week - Ducky he went cover and help catch theguy


I just miss the NCIS where we had long running arcs gibbs and tony tony and abby I miss the funny NCIS now its so dam sexist toward man its a shell of it former self


I also think Ducky's cameo as spy was delightful, he's such a great character played by a great actor. Ziva's remark that Tony had his chance was not referring to past romantic moments, it was that he and McGee should have asked her to 'play' with them over the past weekend. Loved Borin and agree she is meshes seamlessly with the team. I am a bit tired of Gibbs' sentimentality about every kid on the show, enough already, we know we know he mourns forever. On the whole, it was a delight and fun-filled episode, I do love this show.

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