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Neve Campbell will soon be checking in to Grey's Anatomy, but not as a member of the Seattle Grace staff.

The former Party of Five star will appear in at least two episodes, TV Line confirms, coming on board the ABC drama as one of Derek's four sisters.

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Campbell, who shared the screen with Patrick Dempsey in Scream 3, will show up later this fall and, we presume, attempt to help her brother through his difficult hand injury. Along those lines, it's a safe guess to think she'll be portraying Kathleen the psychiatrist.

Grey's Anatomy is off this week and returns on October 18 with "Love the One You're With."

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I hope Neve will portray Kathleen. Now we just have to get them all together, that would be fun watching Derek with all his sisters.


yay! Derek's Sister family reunion kinda


Oh dear, comment gone for moderation.


I bet she'll be Kathleen (the psychiatrist) and that she'll be there to try and counsel Derek. I wonder if this sister is responsible for one of the 9 nieces and 5 nephews seeing as that's at least 4 kids to each sister.


So this is the third sister we're gonna see. Funny though to see the scream protagonist play a doctor lol.


I know it may sound funny, but I would love to see Callie's mother come back as the person who helps Arizona since she was drop dead against the whole marriage. I just think it would be a juicy twist.


Is there any hope that Der's mom will revisit? i'd really love to see Tyne Daly again. There was a fleeting suggestion all the female Shepherd's would appear last seaso. Remember Der's speech S1 where he said all his family would be there if ever he was badly hurt. Amazing that being shot, being in a plane crash and loosing his surgical career hasn't jusified that SL yet! LOL


This is a fantastic show! I think it was a mistake to kill off Mark tho!


I also like featuring family members every Now and Again. ABC would have to devote all day Thursday to Grey's Anatomy to cover all of our wants and wishes. I think it is safe to assume that all families were contacted and had some interaction...we just don't get to see or hear about it.


It’s high time we saw someone of Derek’s family after all he endured. I hope she’ll see Amelia too, in Seattle or in LA and if it's Kathleen, I hope she had discussion with her colleagues Sheldon and Violet. I agree with Sa'as72. I find sad that nobody was even mentioned to come, phone or send an E-mail to rejoice of the arriving of Zola. Amelia came in Seattle and spoke about this neither with Lexie nor with Derek. Lexie and she were both the aunt of Zola and they didn't speak about that at all...

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